Railjack Mission Guide & Basics (Beginning a Mission, Destroying Fighters & Crewships…)

Warframe Railjack Missions Guide

Since the Empyrean update, Railjack missions have become available for those who are ready to take on the challenge of piloting their own Railjack and taking on the different enemies in different Proxima.

Once one has a Railjack at their disposal, they can get together with a team or decide to head out and do Railjack missions to reap even greater rewards and progress more with the game.

For those who are just starting out, let this be a beginner’s guide when it comes to doing Railjack missions so that you can quickly hop into the fray.

Doing Objectives

Beginning a Mission

First things first, once you have a Railjack ready and are prepared to head into a mission, either hop onboard your Railjack from your orbiter or head to the dojo in order to start your own missions.

Selecting a mission from the star chart without getting inside your Railjack will cause you to instead of host your own session, join someone else’s session.

You can choose different missions later on but will have to start out in the Earth Proxima where you will eventually make your way finishing other nodes and unlocking the other Proxima.

Destroying Fighters

You will always be tasked to take out a number of fighters which varies between the missions that you choose.

The further from the start of the first missions, the more fighters that there will be and you will need to destroy all of them along with any other objective in order to make the mission a success.

Players may use their Railjack to fight of enemies and also have the option of exiting the Railjack whenever they please to either deal damage in a different way or handle other objectives.

Among all of the Archwings available, Amesha appears to be the most capable at the moment due to its survivability and crowd control.

Destroying Crew Ships

In addition to destroying the enemy fighters, there will also be crew ships in missions that you will need to destroy.

These are not easily taken out as only very strong attacks such as weapons that used dome charges can be used to take them out.

The main way to destroy crew ship is by heading out of the Railjack and infiltrating the crew ship to destroy it from the inside.

To enter crew ships, you need to fly behind them and interact which will cause you to enter the ship where enemies will also be found so be ready for a fight or try to get past them without getting killed.

You may either kill all the enemies on the ship or head straight for the reactor which can be destroyed with your weapons.

On higher missions, you will need to hack a console connected to the reactor in order to take down a shield and only then will you be able to destroy the reactor.

Once a reactor is destroyed, there will be a timer that is a countdown of how long the ship has before it explodes.

After the timer is up, you will be forced back into Archwing mode and will be in the open space area once again.

You may leave the crew ship the moment you destroy the reactor and will not have to wait for it to explode which means you can use the Omni tool to teleport back or just fly out and head back to the Railjack or continue fighting in Archwing mode.

Hijacking Crew Ships

Aside from destroying crew ships right away, players have the option of hijacking them which allows them to pilot the crew ship and use however they please.

This allows players to fight alongside the Railjack by attacking enemies or simply using the Railjack to tank the attacks of other ships.

In order to hijack a crew ship, one simply needs to head up to the pilot and either interact to do a finisher or just normally attack them to make the pilot seat empty.

Be sure to clear out the other enemies to make sure you do not get killed while piloting and keep in mind that there are also gunner seats on the crew ships as well if someone will go along with you.

Once you hijack a crew ship you can use it freely how you please and put it to good use by clearing out fighters and other enemies.

Anytime you feel like doing so, you can always destroy the reactor and exit the crew ship when you no longer need it.

Special Objectives

Special objective may appear on different missions along with the requirement of still defeating fighters and crew ships.

There are different types of objectives but they are pretty much all similar, your or someone from your squad to leave the railjack, infiltrate a facility or ship and either destroy, assassinate or sabotage a target.

Usually players split up to complete each of the tasks quickly as there needs to be both an inside and outside team, one to deal damage from the outside and the other to deal damage from the inside.

The objectives will be shown by a waypoint which you need to follow but keep in mind it is up to you whether you want to do the objective first or last but doing it last is advisable to make sure the Railjack is safe.

Once you arrive at the objective location, the waypoint will be showing where the entrance is and going near it will prompt you with the option to enter.

Once you make your way into the destination, you will need to follow a series of smaller objectives which usually point you to do some hacking on the inside and destruction on the outside.

Consoles will be on the inside which need to be hacked which will then expose a target on the outside which also needs to be destroyed.

Destroying the targets on the outside will then make the objective move to the next step which mostly requires that you repeat the process.

The hacking and destroying of targets are usually done twice when it comes to sabotaging facilities.

After you have hacked and destroyed the minor targets for the objective, you will usually have a main target inside which must either be destroyed or hacked as well.

For assassination missions, you simply need to infiltrate and head over to the target and kill them just like normal assassination missions.


During missions, there will be times when crew ships or facilities will fire ramsleds at your Railjack which will penetrate it and allow forcing that are inside the ramsled to breach into your ship.

This can be shot down as it heads towards you but once it comes into close range to your Railjack, it will explode and enemies will spawn inside your ship.

The enemies will appear where the breach was made and you will see a ramsled that is inside your ship and opened up.

Be sure to take care of the threat as these enemies can begin causing all sorts of trouble such as damaging your ship or even attacking you and your squad.

Railjack Maintenance

Restocking Resources

Your ship will need resources in order to use most of its functional equipment and it is vital that you maintain it every now and then which can be done in the forge.

Revolite needs to be replenished in order to repair damage that has been done to your Railjack and Flux Energy is needed to use the abilities provided by additional avionics.

Ammunition for the Railjack’s weapons is also resupplied at the forge and will benefit greatly when done as these provide you with a lot of firepower.

There is a total amount of 4 forges which can be located at the back of the ship and may be used as long as you are on a mission and that they are not in cooldown.

The forges have 2 minute cooldowns after being used which means you will need to either use them when the time is right or invest in lowering their cooldowns.

When a mission is over, before heading back to the Drydock, you may refine all the resources in it to gain double the amount of resources.

Omni Tool

The Omni tool is vital for maintaining the ship and may be accessed in your gear once you are in a mission.

These tools are used to repair damage done in the ship and can later be utilized as a teleport device once learned via Intrinsics.

Repairing Railjack

Your Railjack can take damage at anytime when left in a vulnerable state such as being in the middle of a fight or when ramsleds have hit it, releasing enemies inside your ship.

The Omni tool is used to repair damage done to the ship and may be selected in your gear menu or by a hotkey if one is bound.

In order to repair damage done to the Railjack, head to damage icons on the ship which show different kinds of damage such as fire, electrical or hull breaches that cause your Railjack to become weaker.

Simply aim your Omni tool at the damaged area and hold down the fire key in order to begin repairing the damage.

Some damaged areas have a mini-game which is requires you stop the loading bar inside a small bracket which will instantly repair the damage, otherwise you will need to wait for the whole bar to fill.

Damage is represented by blue icons for electrical and orange for minor hull damage or fire which needs to be repaired to prevent negative stats on your Railjack.

In the event that your Railjack takes excessive damage, a hull breach will occur which is shown by a red icon and must be repaired before a timer runs out or the mission will fail.

There will be about 60 minutes for you to head back to the damaged part in your Railjack so that you can repair it.

Once the timer runs out and you have not repaired the catastrophic failure damage, the mission will end and you will lose everything.

Finishing The Mission

Once you have finished the mission, you can either head back to your Drydock or continue to another mission.

Most squads will refine whatever materials are in the payload and head back to the Drydock before going off to another mission.


  • Try to play with a squad if you are starting out as you may end up taking a lot of time with a mission and even end up failing it when unprepared.
  • Amesha is great Archwing to use due to its ability to survive a lengthy amount of time when outside of the Railjack and its ability to replenish its own mana.
  • Staying in operator mode will allow you to bypass certain parts of the mission such as the enemies in crew ships and those inside facilities.
  • For those that wish to fight enemy fighters in their Archwings, status weapons and builds work greatly when it comes to tearing them to shreds.
  • Do the special objectives last to avoid leaving your ship unguarded and vulnerable to be destroyed while you are away.
  • It is best to have at least one ally with you so that when doing special objectives, you may complete them quickly as one person infiltrates while the other destroys reactors outside.
  • Missions will be harder depending on how far off from the first missions you are making enemies harder to defeat and requiring that your Warframes, Archwings and Railjack is well built and constantly upgraded.
  • Farming lower missions before heading to the harder ones is a good way to get resources, avionics and parts before moving up to harder missions.
  • Using the Grineer crew ships against them every now and then on lower missions can help finish things faster as the Railjacks may not be properly geared yet.
  • Remember to refine before heading back to the Drydock so that you and your team get a bonus amount of resources after the mission is over.