How to Get Sanguine Elixir in ARK

ARK Sanguine Elixir

“Tastes salty and metallic, yet still strangely alluring to hungry creatures…”

Taming high-level creatures and breeding can sometimes be tedious if you can’t get a higher taming efficiency or imprint percentage.

Luckily, the Fjordur update added a new item to make things much easier for those who love to tame and breed creatures.

The Sanguine Elixir is a usable item that is equipped and used to increase a wild creature’s taming efficiency or a baby creature’s imprint.

What Does Sanguine Elixir Do?

The Sanguine Elixir is an item that allows players to increase either the taming efficiency of a creature they are taming or the imprint of a baby.

Using the Sanguine Elixir can only be done once per creature, which makes it crucial to use it at the right time. (Make sure wild creature has food when taming)

Players who utilize the Sanguine Elixir can benefit greatly from the 30% increase, especially when used with a creature’s favorite food to get the best results after taming.

How to Make Sanguine Elixir?

The Sanguine Elixir can only be crafted if you have a Desmodus, which you will need to tame and equip with a saddle.

You can make the Sanguine Elixir in the inventory of a Desmodus that is equipped with a Desmodus Saddle.

In order to craft the Sanguine Elixir, you will need to have at least 200 Blood Packs in the Desmodus’ inventory. 

Be careful to make sure that there is extra because there is a tendency that the Desmodus will consume the Blood Packs in its inventory.

Once there are enough Blood Packs in the Desmodus’ inventory, you can craft the Sanguine Elixir, which takes up to 5 seconds.

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How To Use Sanguine Elixir?

To use the Sanguine Elixir, you will need to place it in one of the slots on your hotbar, which you will then use when you are facing a creature. (Taming or baby creature)

Once you have equipped the Sanguine Elixir in one of your hotbar slots, it should be more usable once you are in front of a creature.

You may only use the Sanguine Elixir to increase the taming efficiency or baby imprint progress and this can only be done once.

Best Way To Get Sanguine Elixir

The best and fastest way to get Sanguine Elixir is to first tame a Desmodus which you will use to collect blood and later create Sanguine Elixir.

Once you have tamed a Desmodus, use it to attack wild creatures (you can level up melee for faster collection) as this will give you 1 Blood Pack per 50 damage dealt.

Continue to attack and kill creatures with your Desmodus and it will start to get Blood Packs which it will then be able to use to craft the Sanguine Elixir.

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