Island Boss Locations in ARK Fjordur (Broodmother, Megapithecus & Dragon)

ARK Fjorder Boss Locations

The Ark Fjordur map has brought on several challenges which make it even more fun, especially with the new and old bosses being included.

Just like with the other maps, to progress on Fjordur, you will need to defeat bosses but this time there is a twist.

There is a somewhat kind of progression which requires you to defeat bosses in a certain order to be able to reach the final boss in Fjordur.

Boss Progression

To progress to the final boss, you will first need to go through the mini-bosses, and to fight them you first need to collect Runestones to summon portals to them.

Once you have defeated the mini-bosses, each one has a specific relic that is needed for one of the original Ark Bosses, so be sure to keep them.

The final boss in Fjordur requires the trophies from the Ark Bosses which means to beat every difficulty, you need to do some reruns.

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Island Boss Locations in ARK Fjordur

Below are the locations for summoning bosses, including cave entrances as well as their terminal coordinates.

1) Broodmother

The Broodmother boss can be found in The Overgrown Grave, which is a cave that has a forest infesting the insides along with dangerous creatures.

The Overgrown Grave cave entrance can be found at (57.2, 65.9) and you can reach the boss terminal at around (54.5, 65.3).

You will need the Beyla Relic to start the fight with The Broodmother and other tributes for higher difficulties.

2) Megapithecus

You may find the Megapithecus boss summoning terminal in a cave called Beiygjaheimer, which can be found in the Broken Meadows.

The cave entrance for Beiygjaheimer is located at (56.7, 84.7) and you may find the terminal deep within at around (49.1, 82.3).

To start the fight with the Megapithcus boss, you will need the Steinbjorn Relic for Gamma difficulty and other tributes for the Beta and Alpha.

3) Dragon

ARK Dragon Boss

The terminal to summon the Dragon is in a cave called Dvergheim, and unlike the other caves, this one has two entrances.

The entrance closest to the terminal is at (86.3, 5.2) and another one can be located at 83.4, 21.2) which makes it more accessible.

You can summon the Dragon boos at the terminal located within Dvergheim at precisely at (83.7, 8.2) with the Hati Relic, Skoll Relic, and additional tributes.


While it may seem to take a lot more time to progress on Fjordur, it becomes very rewarding later on, especially when you get the Mjolnir Tek Sword skin.

The progression makes it fun and it becomes less difficult as you continue since you will already have strong tamed creatures by then and may have even bred them.

Without the early progression, you will not be able to face Fenrisulfr, which is why it is important to take things easy and proceed step by step.

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