Starfield Galileo Ship (How to Get, Stats & Parts)

If you are looking for an early ship that has fighting capabilities and a good amount of speed, the Galileo is something worth checking out.

This ship may appear to be larger than others but don’t be fooled, it is a Class-A ship that is sturdier than most of the lighter ships you can get your hands on.

While it may seem a bit costly, players who can collect enough credits to purchase the Galileo are in for quite the same experience when it comes to combat.

Galileo Ship Starfield

How To Get Galileo Ship?Ship Services Technician in New Atlantis

You will most likely have been to New Atlantis soon after you start a new game and by checking the Ship Services Technician, you will be able to find the Galileo amongst the ships being sold.

Galileo will also be for sale at other times when you visit other planets such as Cydonia, which is a settlement found on Mars in the Sol system.

If you have enough Credits later on after progressing a bit with some of the missions, you should have enough to purchase the Galileo ship for 132850.

This may seem like a hefty price but the ship can be worth the price, being almost a balanced ship for exploring and fighting in space.

Galileo Ship Overview

Even with its large size, the Galileo is only a Class-A ship but it has multiple weapons that can be utilized when fighting other ships in the galaxy.

It features a large fuel capacity for traveling around and has the weapons to back itself up if ever enemies are waiting on the other side of a grav jump.

It has the following parts:

  • Horizon Defense Disruptor 3300A Auto Electron Beam (Weapon)
  • Ballistic Solutions Inc. KE-20 Cannon (Weapon)
  • Ballistic Solutions Inc. CE-09 Missile Launcher (Weapon)
  • Slayton Aerospace SA-4110 Engines
  • Protectorate Systems Marduk 1010-A Shield Generator
  • Reladyne R-2000 Alpha Grav Drive
  • Amun Dunn 350T Stellarator Reactor

Galileo Stats

The Galileo comes with balanced states when it comes to combat and a decent amount of defenses until you decide to alter it further. (It has a large fuel capacity for traveling)




Cargo Capacity

Shielded Capacity



18 (A)

21 LY











With a powerful Grav Drive and large fuel capacity, the Galileo can be one of the best early-game ships for traveling that offers combat capabilities.

While 132850 Credits may be a big price to pay for a Class-A ship, it’s good to remember that there are a lot of ways to earn money in the game and you can always upgrade the ship.

Since the Galileo has a large fuel capacity, you can do Grav Jumps to systems that are even further from your location to cover more space in a shorter amount of time.

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