Starfield Rambler Ship (How to Get, Parts & Stats)

During your earlier adventures in Starfield, there will be other ships that you can come across that may be more comfortable than the Discovery (Frontier) for traveling.

One of these ships is the Rambler, a light ship that has a powerful Grav Drive for traversing the galaxy to reach destinations easily.

While this ship does not provide you with the best arsenal or hull health, it is great for those who love to get around quickly or avoid space combat.

Rambler Ship Starfield

How To Get Rambler Ship?Ship Services Technician in New Atlantis

The Rambler is one of the first ships that you may find for sale when you speak to the Ship Services Technician in New Atlantis.

This does not mean that New Atlantis is the only location though as the Rambler is one of the more common ships that is sold in multiple locations.

You may purchase the Rambler early on in the game from a Ship Services Technician for 57600 Credits, while its other variants will cost more.

The Rambler may come in variants such as the Rambler II and Rambler III, which are often seen when you have gained more levels and have progressed.

Rambler Ship Overview

The Rambler is faster and lighter than other ships and still can defend itself or even attack enemies with its particle and missile weapons.

It has the following parts:

  • Horizon Defense Disruptor 3300 Electron Beam (Weapon)
  • Light Scythe Atlatl 270A Missile Launcher (Weapon)
  • Amun Dunn Amun-5 Engine Main Engine
  • Sextant Shield Systems Deflector SG-10 Shield Generator
  • Reladyne R-1000 Alpha Grav Drive
  • Xiang Tokamak X-050 Reactor

Rambler Stats

Once you have obtained the Rambler, its default stats will be the following until you have decided to make alterations to it. (These will scale with higher variants)




Cargo Capacity

Shielded Capacity



16 (A)

22 LY










While the Rambler is not the best of ships when it comes to a battle in space or outrunning some of the lighter ships, it does have its purposes.

Being one of the cheaper ships that you can obtain, you can use the Rambler to quickly jump from one system to another, especially with an upgraded fuel tank.

The Rambler may be light and seem to be suited for traveling but this doesn’t mean it won’t pose a threat to enemies that decide to open fire.

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