Starfield Razorleaf Ship (How to Get, Stats & Location)

The Razorleaf is one of the ships you can obtain by completing a certain mission in the game called “Mantis”, which has you investigating the lair of a popular vigilante.

The Mantis is known to be a vigilante that hunts space pirates and those who believe they are above the law and recently this hunter has gone missing.

While a new Mantis was set to be the owner of this ship, something unexpected happened and this resulted in the ship being yours instead.

Razorleaf Ship Starfield

How To Get Razorleaf Ship?heading to the Lair of the Mantis

To get the Razorleaf, you will need to head to the Lair of the Mantis, which is often done once you obtain the Mantis quest. (This begins after you pick up the Secret Outpost! message)

After picking up the message from a dead spacer that is mostly encountered in the Nova Galactic Shipyard during the “The Old Neighborhood” mission.

Once you are at the Secret Outpost, you will have to fight your way through several pirates and will eventually discover the Lair of the Mantis inside.

It is here that you find not only the Mantis’ ship but also the suit that they had used during their time of being a vigilante.

To take the ship, you will need to head towards it to activate its lift and exit the lair to board the ship, making it yours permanently.

Razorleaf Ship Overview

The Razorleaf is suitable for 2 crew members and is considered a light ship that does a good job when it comes to combat in space against other lighter ships.

It has the following parts:

  • Flare-P 15MW IR Pulse Laser (Weapon)
  • Disruptor 3300A Auto Electron (Weapon)
  • CE-09 Missile Launcher (Weapon)
  • Ares DT60 Engine (Engine)
  • White Dwarf 1000 (Engine)
  • Bastille S81 (Shield Generator)
  • R-1000 Alpha (Grav Drive)

Razorleaf Stats

The following are the stats for the Razorleaf that can be seen by looking at the overview of the ship after you have freshly obtained it.





Shielded Capacity



18 (A)

19 LY












Razorleaf Already Registered

Unlike some of the other ships that you may have claimed to be your own, the Razorleaf does not seem to require any registration at a landing pad.

This means that once you get your hands on the ships, it is legally yours, which means you can use this as a replacement for the Frontier or any other ship you have early in the game.


The Razorleaf is one of the ships that you can easily get during the earlier parts of the game, but it would be best to have a companion with you as you get it.

While there are many enemies in the Lair of the Mantis, they can easily be taken out with the use of explosive objects that may be found around the area.

Aside from being able to obtain the Razorleaf, you will also be able to get your hands on the Mantis’ Equipment if you continue exploring.

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