Starfield Murasame Ship (How to Get, Stats & Parts)

While most ships tend to fight back or escape, the Murasame was built to hunt down other ships, featuring a large arsenal of weaponry and quality components.

Believed to derive its meaning from the Japanese word, Murasame is translated into village rain or autumn rain, a type of rain that falls hard, suggesting this is related to its weapons.

The Murasame is a Class-B ship that sports weaponry that can easily take out an enemy’s shields and finish it off by blasting the hull.

Murasame Ship Starfield

How To Get Murasame Ship?Ship Services Technician at Gagarin Landing

After starting the game, you will eventually be leaving the Alpha Centauri system but before you do that, there is another settlement in it, which is Gagarin Landing.

For those who wish to purchase Murasame, you will need to land at Gagarin Landing, which is on the planet Gagarin, and speak with the Ship Services Technician.

You may select to see what ships the vendor has, which will allow you to view a selection that includes the Murasame, which you can purchase for 250025 Credits.

This may be a huge price but the parts and how the ship is built are worth the money, especially since the majority of its Ship Systems are at good levels.

Murasame Ship Overview

Murasame features 3 different weapons, which are each at decent levels along with a powerful engine and shields to make it excellent for ship combat.

It has the following parts:

  • Light Scythe Scorch-P 60MW Pulse Laser (Weapon)
  • Ballistic Solutions Inc. KE-42 Cannon (Weapon)
  • Light Scythe Atlatl 290B Missile Launcher (Weapon)
  • Slayton Aerospace SA-4110 Engine
  • Sextant Shield Systems Warden SG-200 Shield Generator
  • Slayton Aerospace SGD 2200 Grav Drive
  • Dogstar 102DS Mag Inertial Reactor

Murasame Stats

The majority of Murasame’s stats are high and you can further increase them later by upgrading or modifying the ship, which has the following stats.




Cargo Capacity

Shielded Capacity



24 (B)

29 LY











Murasame is equipped with decent lasers that can be powered early on to disable a ship’s shields, allowing you to finish them off with ballistic damage and missiles.

Judging by the ship’s high missile energy, it appears this ship was meant to hunt down other ships, making it a predator in space.

Aside from being a ship that excels in a fight, the Murasame features a powerful reactor that allows you to travel across several systems and the fuel capacity to sustain it.

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