Starfield Dream Home (How to Get, Location & What You Can Do?)

There are certain properties in Starfield that you can own and one of them is your very own Dream Home, but this is only available for those who choose a certain trait.

Players who have opted for the Dream Home trait will have access to a luxurious home that is in the Olympus System.

Although you get this built house that has not yet been furnished, there is still a catch that requires you to have Credit to pay for the loan it sits on.

Dream Home Starfield

Dream Home RequirementsDream Home Trait

To get the Dream Home, you will first choose the “Dream Home” trait during character creation, and this will spawn the property later in the game.

The Dream Home trait provides you with your own luxurious home, but this is set on a debt that you will have as the game continues to progress.

You will need to pay a total of 125,000 Credits to fully own the house, otherwise, you will need to pay 500 Credits every week to access it. (Or you can let the bank foreclose it)

Before you can head to your Dream House, you will need to first complete the mission called “One Small Step”, which will leave you at New Atlantis.

The activity that allows you to visit your Dream House will appear, which will be a way to find where it is as you can track the location.

You will be able to find the Dream Home in Nesoi, which can be found in the Olympus System not too far from Jemison.

What Can You Do in The Dream House?Nesoi Olympus System

Once you enter your outpost, you can begin furnishing it with all sorts of decorations and objects that you will need, including beds, chairs, stations, containers, and more.

This becomes a location that you can visit whenever you want to stash your loot, research upgrades, and craft items depending on what stations you place.

The only thing that the Dream House does not have is an infinite storage box, unlike the one that you may access at The Lodge.


The number of Credits that you need for the Dream House is not that much of a big issue if you continue to make money as you go along.

You will eventually have a lot of Credits as you go but for the earliest parts of the game, you will have to stick with the 500 Credits every week until you are ready to pay it off.

Having the Dream House can be essential when it comes to storing certain items, but most do not consider it to be any better than an outpost in terms of functionality.

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