How To Assign Crew to a Ship or Outpost in Starfield

Assigning crew members to outpost

As you gain more friends in Starfield, you can start assigning them to be a part of your crew on your ship or at an Outpost, which sometimes can be beneficial.

Before anything happens, you will need to have built an Outpost if you want to place them there and this makes it easy to find them whenever you need to.

Once a friend has been assigned to an Outpost, they may improve productivity or offer other bonuses than that specific one.

Opening character screen to assign crew members

To assign crew members to a ship or outpost, you may open your character screen and select a ship, which will show you your ship.

An option to check your crew will be at the bottom right, which you will need to select to open the list of all your available crew members.

Select the crew member you want to assign, and a menu will show the available ships and outposts that you can assign them to.

How To Get Friends in Starfield?

Friends or Companions are often obtained as you progress through the game, with some being added to your list after some missions and others requiring you to recruit them.

If you explore enough, you may encounter some potential companions that require missions to be done or that you pay them to join you in your ventures.

The following are potential companions and where they can be found:

  • Adoring Fan (Trait)
  • Andreja (Complete “Into the Unknown” Main Mission)
  • Andromeda Kepler (Recruit at The Broken Spear in Cydonia)
  • Barrett (Complete “Back to Vectera” Main Mission)
  • Ezekiel (Recruit at Aggie’s Bar in Akila City)
  • Gideon Aker (Recruit at The Viewport in New Atlantis”
  • Heller (Recruit during “Back to Vectera” Main Mission or after)
  • Lin (Recruit during “Back to Vectera” Main Mission or after)
  • Lyle Brewer (Recruit at Aggie’s Bar in Akila City)
  • Marika Boros (Recruit at The Viewport in New Atlantis)
  • Omari Hassan (Recruit at The Hitching Post in Akila City)
  • Rosie Tannehill (Recruit at The Hitching Post in Akila City)
  • Sam Coe (Complete “The Empty Nest” Main Mission)
  • Sarah Morgan (Complete “The Old Neighborhood” Main Mission)
  • Simeon Bankowski (Recruit at The Viewport in New Atlantis)
  • Vasco (Complete “One Small Step” Main Mission)

Crew Member Skills

Crew members will have different skills, and these will either affect bonuses they provide to a ship or outpost or when they are traveling with you.

Certain crew members can be placed in an outpost to improve production or how well an outpost does when you are not around.

You can view the skills of each crew member by opening the Crew Menu as mentioned previously where you may assign them to a ship or outpost.


You will inevitably get companions as you continue to progress through the game and leaving them in a certain location may make it difficult to search for them.

This makes it best that you assign them to an outpost or ship so that you can find them and/or provide benefits to where they are assigned.

If you have an outpost that is built up like a main base, it would be good to have a crew there as well as robots to keep everything running smoothly.

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