Starfield Paradiso Location & What’s In It?

Imagine a settlement on one of the planets in Starfield that focused on a vacation getaway, which is what Paradiso is exactly.

This fancy vacation-like settlement offers a beautiful scenario as well as a Miscellaneous mission once you are in the system.

Aside from having its shops and mission for you to tackle, players may find themselves visiting this luxurious location for commitment purposes.

Paradiso, fancy vacation settlement in Starfield

Paradiso LocationParadiso location is in Porrima II

Paradiso can be found in Porrima II, which is a part of the Porrima System but reaching this location may require you to go through other galaxies.

Once you are within the jump range of Porrima, you can head over to the planet via Grav Jump and land and make your way to Porrima II.

After arriving at Porrima II, you can land in Paradiso and will be able to find it as you proceed making your way towards the inner part of the settlement.

What is in Paradiso?

Paradiso is more like an island resort in space with a few souvenir shops around it but there are some useful things you can buy from time to time.

You can rent the Deluxe Penthouse Suite in the Paradiso Hotel, which can be for a day or a week. It does not cost a lot but there isn’t much in the room aside from a bed to sleep in.

The following are some of the areas in Paradiso: 

  • Enhance (Character Appearance Changing)
  • Chunks (Food and Drinks)
  • Café Luxe (Food and Drinks)
  • Tranquilitea (Food and Drinks)
  • General Store (General Goods)

Paradiso Missions

Upon arriving at the Porrima II, there will be a spaceship outside of the planet’s atmosphere which the people of Paradiso are unable to contact.

This leads to the mission called First Contact, which has you boarding the ship, speaking to its inhabitants, and later helping them out.

After completing the First Contact mission, you will be able to track the location of the ship called the ECS Constant via checking your activities.


Paradiso is a minor settlement that players can visit to rest up, complete a short mission, and do more during their free time.

You can explore the planet from Paradiso itself as leaving the area will bring you into the wild, where you can begin venturing to different locations.

This is one of the locations where you can buy a ton of different consumables if ever you plan on stocking up for later.

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