Starfield How To Run from Ship Combat

Sometimes when you jump into a system and are met with a force of enemy ships, you may have been caught by surprise and this can be bad if your ship is not in the right condition.

To avoid having your ship destroyed, which results in everyone onboard getting killed, it is sometimes best to escape and leave the fight for another day.

Just because you are caught in a fight with an enemy, this does not mean that there is no way to escape but you will want to make sure your systems still have power.

Attacking the enemy ships in Starfield

How To Escape Ship Combat?

Ship Combat can be avoided by Grav Jumping to another system and this is the only way as fast travel will be disabled during combat.

To do this, you will need to open your map and select another system, which will provide you with the option to jump to it.

Once you activate the jump, some time will be needed before you can escape, which you can do by maneuvering to avoid taking additional damage.

Damaged Grav DriveGrav Drive damaged by enemies

One thing that prevents you from escaping combat in space is when your Grav Drive has been damaged by enemy projectiles.

This will prevent you from jumping until it has been repaired, which will automatically be repaired on its own, but this can also be sped up if you put power into it.

While your Grav Drive is still damaged, it would be best to avoid taking additional fire by rolling, going full engine, and hiding behind large objects.

How To Speed Up Grav Jump?

Escaping a battle in space can sometimes rely on a second to a few seconds, which is sometimes enough for an enemy to damage your Grav Drive or even destroy your ship.

If you want to speed up the rate at which your Grav Drive prepares for the jump, it is best to fill up its energy bars to shorten the time.

A single bar in your Grav Drive’s power will be sufficient to travel but having several can get you out of danger in a shorter amount of time.


There is no shame in escaping a battle because a destroyed ship can result in a loss of progress, which makes it best to save before traveling to another system or planet.

Enemies will continue to pursue you until you are out of the system, and it has been reported that certain enemies can follow you.

When attempting to escape a battle, it is best to put as much power into your Grav Drive to speed up the jump to get out of there as soon as possible.

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