Starfield Despondent Assassin (How to Get, Stats & Perks)

When it comes to hunting enemies at long range, a weapon called the Despondent Assassin can pack a punch against your enemies.

Not only does this Legendary Rifle deal increased damage in multiple ways, but it also has a chance to demoralize the enemies that you hit.

Being one of the easiest-to-obtain unique weapons in the game, you won’t want to miss grabbing this buffed Old Earth Hunting Rifle.

Despondent Assassin Legendary Rifle Starfield

Despondent Assassin StatsDespondent Assassin Stats

The Despondent Assassin provides you with multiple perks along with a few upgrades, making it one of the best rifles you can get as you are progressing through the game.


Legendary Rifle

46 (Ballistic)





Fire Rate








Despondent Assassin Perks

The Despondent Assassin comes with the Demoralizing Perk, which causes enemies to flee and hide when they are affected by certain shots from the rifle.

It also has the Hitman Perk, which provides you with 15% bonus damages to enemies that you hit while you are aiming.

Making this weapon extra useful against terran targets, it has the Anti-Personnel Perk to give you an additional 10% damage against humans.

How To Get Despondent Assassin?Killing Alpha Ashta

Obtaining the Despondent Assassin requires you to complete a set of side missions that are easy to complete, which are all done in Akila City.

You will need to begin with the “Defensive Measures” mission, which has you eavesdropping on a group to the side of Shepherd’s General Store.

This leads you later to setting up scanners for a person named Kioni, but things don’t go too well and you are off to start another mission called “False Positives.”

This mission has you going on a wild goose chase as someone has tricked a robot into acting like an Ashta, which is what everyone is trying to keep away.

Last but not least, you need to complete the “Leader of the Pack” mission, which has you hunting for a rather large Ashta but in the end, you get your hands on the Legendary Rifle.

Keep in mind that you will need to complete the “Job Gone Wrong” mission before you can start the series of missions that rewards you with Despondent Assassin.


The Despondent Assassin is a huge game changer, especially for those who love to use rifles to take down their enemies. (At great distances too)

Players who focus on builds that use ballistic rifles can unleash a great deal of damage on their enemies and even scare off tougher ones if a single shot is not enough.

Akila City is one of the places you reach by exploring or following the main mission, making it easy to obtain during your earlier parts of the game.

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