Starfield Heller’s Cutter (How to Get, Stats & Perks)

Starfield has certain weapons that are rare and found or obtained similarly across any save game, making them easy to track down.

One of the earliest unique weapons or probably considered a tool is Heller’s Cutter, which can be obtained early after a few events in the game.

While players don’t require that much out of Cutters, this one has a little spice to it and is a nice addition to any collection.

Heller’s Cutter Starfield

Heller’s Cutter StatsHeller’s Cutter Stats

Heller’s Cutter has the same stats as a regular cutter and seems to only be different in its appearance as well as the additional Disassembler Perk.


Rare Heavy

4 (Energy)




Fire Rate








Heller’s Cutter Perks

Being a Rare Heavy Weapon, Heller’s Cutter has only 1 known perk, which is the Disassembler Perk, making it deal additional damage to robots.

The Disassembler Perk provides you with an additional 20% damage when you are firing Heller’s Cutter at robotic enemies.

How To Get Heller’s Cutter?Obtaining Heller’s Cutter

You may obtain Heller’s Cutter around the time that you have started the Back to Vectera mission, which requires you to search for Barrett.

The mission will have you land at the Argos Extractors Mining Outpost, which is back on Vectera, the first place you were at when you started the game.

Once you reach Vectera, you will speak to Lin and will find a way to get a message sent by Barrett, which leads you to the building on the right.

Upon entering the building, you will be in an office and may continue making your way inside, where you will see a Cutter Crate that is open and Heller’s Cutter free for the taking.


Heller’s Cutter may not provide that much of a difference when it comes to damaging enemies, but it is still as useful as the other Cutters that you may get in the game.

Aside from having a different look, the Disassembler perk may come in handy whenever you are fighting robots but eventually, you will have better weapons.

Since Heller’s Cutter is a Rare Heavy weapon, you can easily notice it in your inventory, which can help with sorting as you can avoid selling or dropping it. (Keeping it as your main Cutter)

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