Starfield Silent Runner Ship (How to Get, Stats & Parts)

If you tend to travel through different systems and occasionally have a large haul that needs to be brought with you, the Silent Runner is one of the best picks for you.

This massive ship offers the ability to carry a huge load of cargo while also having a powerful Grav Drive and other components to help you jump to other systems quickly.

While it may be expensive and only purchasable at one location, the Silent Runner is the perfect ship for those who often bring back a lot of loot when they return to their ship.

Silent Runner Ship Starfield

How To Get Silent Runner Ship?HopeTech selling the Silent Runner Ship

The Silent Runner is one of the unique ships that you can purchase but it is not available at most locations and is currently known to be only sold by HopeTech.

To reach HopeTech, you will need to make your way to the planet Polvo, which can be found in the Valo System that shares its area with Narion.

You will often only see Narion on your map (northeast of Alpha Centauri) but when you select Narion, you will have the option to head to the Valo system.

Select Polvo and land in Hopetown, which is where you will find the HopeTech building that has a woman named Inaya Rehman at the sales counter.

Speak to Inaya Rehman to see what ships HopeTech has for sale and you will be able to purchase the Silent Runner for 390150 Credits. 

Silent Runner Ship Overview

The Silent Runner is a Class-C ship, boasting a reactor that provides 34 points for its ship systems energy, allowing you to make several adjustments.

It is mainly customized to have a higher shield and hull health to make it capable of withstanding attacks and a large cargo capacity for storing all your needs.

When it comes to offense, the Silent Runner mainly relies on dealing particle damage with the addition of a missile launcher system.

It has the following parts:

  • Horizon Defense 3340A Auto Alpha Turret (Weapon)
  • Ballistic Solutions Inc. Ce-49 Missile Launcher (Weapon)
  • Reladyne Supernova 2200 Engine
  • Sextant Shield Systems Assurance SG-2000 Shield Generator
  • Slayton Aerospace 3300 Grav Drive
  • Dogstar SF30 Sheared Flow Reactor

Silent Runner Ship Stats

While the Silent Runner has standard weapons for combat, you can add more to it later on and even shift power from the Grav Drive to weapons during combat.

This ship is mainly built to utilize its grav jump and carry a lot of cargo as well as withstand enemy attacks in space. (adding more fuel capacity can make it jump an insane distance)




Cargo Capacity

Shielded Capacity



34 (c)

29 LY










The Silent Runner can fly at a moderate pace and this can be upgraded later with the addition of more engines but all seems fair with its insane cargo capacity.

Traveling to different systems will not be a problem with the Silent Runner and if you encounter pirates along the way, it is more than capable of defending itself or escaping.

Known to be one of the best ships for transporting loot, the Silent Runner is a favorite of many players who tend to collect a lot of goods from the planets they land on.

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