Starfield Stronghold Ship (How to Get, Stats & Parts)

One of the most frightening things for smaller ships may be to encounter a huge fortress floating through space or worse, chasing after you.

The Stronghold is a Class-C ship that fits this scenario and it has both offensive and defensive capabilities, acting as a mobile base.

This ship may not be as fast as most ships but it is a behemoth in space that can fight enemies, haul cargo, and travel to distant systems.

Stronghold Ship Starfield

How To Get Stronghold Ship?Ship Services Technician in Akila City

The Stronghold can be purchased from the Ship Services Technician in Akila City, which can be found in the Cheyenne.

Cheyenne can be found to the northeast of Alpha Centauri past Narion and once you arrive, you will find the Ship Services Technician at the city entrance.

Buying the Stronghold will cost you a hefty sum of 400125 Credits and while this may be quite expensive for some, it is quite worth the cost.

Stronghold Ship Overview

The Stronghold is a Class-C ship with a powerful reactor that is used to power its shields and Grav Drives, giving you the option to focus on traveling or fully power up your weapons.

Its hull has a large amount of health, which is paired with high shields, making it powerful enough to withstand the majority of the attacks.

To top it off, its Grav Drive and fuel capacity allow you to travel across several systems while its cargo is enough to store all the resources you need for long trips.

It has the following parts:

  • Horizon Defense Dragon 261 SX Laser Turret (Weapon)
  • Shinigami Jishaku Nd RF Rapid Railgun Turret (Weapon)
  • Reladyne Supernova 2000 Engine
  • Sextant Shield Systems Assurance SG-1800 Shield Generator
  • Slayton Aerospace SGD 3300 Grav Drive
  • Dogstar SF20 Sheared Flow Reactor

Stronghold Ship Stats

The Stronghold’s default weapons feature laser and ballistics damage while its engine drives it at nominal speed.

Most of the power of this ship can be placed into its shields for heavy defenses and its Grav Drive for traveling to further systems.




Cargo Capacity

Shielded Capacity



27 (B)

30 LY










The Stronghold is one of the larger unique ships that you can purchase that is worth the Credits and once you get your hands on it, you can improve it even further.

At first, the Stronghold may seem to lack when it comes to weaponry but installing additional lasers and missile launchers will make it a predator in space.

When it comes to storage, the Stronghold can haul a lot and you can even reduce its default parts to focus on other systems to make the ship more comfortable for your play style.

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