Starfield Abyss Trekker Ship (How to Get, Stats & Parts)

If you have never seen a ship that has a large gun made up of several guns attached to its side, then now you have because this is the Abyss Trekker.

The Abyss Trekker is one of the unique ships that can be obtained in the game as long as you have the Credits to cover its cost, which makes it a decent ship thanks to its firepower.

When it comes to destroying ships in battle, the Abyss Trekker has a habit of chewing through an enemy’s hull quickly after taking out its shields.

Abyss Trekker Ship Starfield

How To Get Abyss Trekker Ship?Ship Services Technician at Paradiso

To get the Abyss Trekker, you will need to buy it from the Ship Services Technician at Paradiso, which is on a planet called Porrima II in the Porrima system.

Once you have landed in Paradiso, you can find the Ship Services Technician checking out some of the cargo that may probably belong to the guests checking in at their hotel.

You will find him a bit to the right of the Trade Authority Kiosk (a robot named Viator that doesn’t do much) and may speak to him to view the ships for sale.

The Abyss Trekker should be the last ship on the lists when you ask to see what ships they sell and you will be able to purchase it for 365525 Credits.

Abyss Trekker Ship Overview

All of the Abyss Trekker’s weapons are attached to the right component, making this appear as a large weapon for taking down enemy ships.

The weapons systems can be balanced to allow easy shield damage and you can later finish enemies off with ballistics and missiles.

Engine speed is moderate while its shields are good enough to last through a fight with multiple enemy ships unless you want to utilize its Grav Drive to make a quick escape.

It has the following parts:

  • Ballistic Solutions Inc. PB0-300 Auto Alpha Beam (Weapon)
  • Ballistic Solutions Inc. CE-49 Missile Launcher (Weapon)
  • Horizon Defense Marauder 115N Railgun Turret (Weapon)
  • Slayton Aerospace SAL-6110 Engine
  • Dogstar 102D Guardian Shield Generator
  • Slayton Aerospace SGD 3100 Grave Drive
  • Xiang Pinch 6Z Reactor

Abyss Trekker Ship Stats

The Abyss Trekker has a fair amount of shield and hull health to last in a battle but what gives it an edge is the amount of weapons it has.

There are not a lot of weapons attached, which require less power to be reassigned to them but they still do a lot of damage, especially with combined fire.

You can allocate a lot of energy to the Grav Drive to get in and out of systems quickly, which can come in handy if your ship is damaged or if you are in a fight that is best avoided.




Cargo Capacity

Shielded Capacity



27 (C)

25 LY











Something about the Abyss Trekker just seems to catch the eye of certain players, which is probably the huge arsenal on its right.

Certain modifications may be made to the Abyss Trekker to improve its interior as well as lighten its load or provide you with more facilities.

Adjustments often required for this ship include its cargo as it has a smaller cargo capacity than most ships but when in combat, there is no doubt that most ships can easily be destroyed.

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