Starfield Peacekeeper (How to Get, Stats & Perks)

When it comes to taking out several enemies who are on the wrong side of the law, the Peacekeeper is one of the choices you may prefer when it comes to rifles.

The Peacekeeper is a unique variant of the AA-99 Rifle, sporting the Extended Magazine perk as well as having been already upgraded.

Obtaining the peacekeeper early in the game provides you with a better variant of an AA-99, which comes with free upgrades to get you by.

Peacekeeper Rifle Starfield

Peacekeeper Stats

The Peacekeeper boasts multiple upgrades that improve the way the weapon can be handled, including a reflex sight for quickly aiming at enemies.


Rare Rifle

22 Ballistic





Fire Rate








Notice: Damage may be different based on your Ballistics and Rifle Certification Skill as these affect the damage that the Peacekeeper does to enemies.

Peacekeeper Perks

The Peacekeeper has the Extended Magazine perk, which provides it with double the amount of bullets it holds in its magazine.

Aside from providing the weapon with twice as much ammo, other modifications to the weapon can further increase the magazine size or you can focus on other upgrades.

How To Get Peacekeeper?Groundpounder mission should be completed to get Peacekeeper

The Peacekeeper is obtained as a reward for completing the “Groundpounder” mission, which is obtained when you are in space.

You can get the mission when a UC Responder gives you a warning or when you reach the orbit of Altair II, where a person named Private Mahoney reaches out to you.

This leads to you clearing Research Outpost U3-09, rescuing people inside, heading to locations to clear out spacers, and returning once more to the outpost to clear out more enemies.

Once all the enemies have been cleared out at the end, you can talk to the group to complete the mission, which includes the Peacekeeper as a reward.


The Peacekeeper is a useful weapon to have early in the game but sometimes ammunition can be a bit scarce at first until you reach higher levels.

It does a good amount of damage and thanks to its upgrades, you have an advantage against your enemies as accuracy plays a big role.

You can later upgrade the Peacekeeper to improve it further but until you have unlocked such options, it will do well on its own as you progress through certain missions.

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