Starfield N67 Smartgun (How to Get, Stats & Perks)

Sometimes enemies can get too close to you and if a solution is not your weapon of choice, you can always spray an insane amount of bullets in an enemy’s face.

This is possible with the N67 Smartgun, one of the rare heavy weapons that you can obtain in the game even at the start for a hefty price.

The N67 Smartgun is a minigun that is classified as a heavy weapon in Starfield, which offers you the ability to fire an insane amount of 7.77MM ammo in seconds.

N67 Smartgun Starfield

N67 Smartgun StatsN67 Stats

The N67 Smartgun features a compensator upgrade that increases the stability and accuracy of the weapon when fired from the hip. (You can change this later)

It also comes with the Armor-Piercing Rounds upgrade, which increases the amount of damage that the minigun does to enemies.


Rare Rifle

12 Ballistic





Fire Rate








Notice: Damage may be different based on your Ballistics and Heavy Weapons Certification Skills as these affect the damage that the N67 Smartgun can do.

N67 Smartgun Perks

With the Shattering Perk, the N67 Smartgun has a better chance of breaking through an enemy’s armor, making it easy to strip them and deal damage to their health afterward.

How To Get N67 Smartgun?Wen Tseng at the UC Distribution Center

You may purchase the N67 Smartgun from Wen Tseng at the UC Distribution Center, which can be found at the Commercial District in New Atlantis on Jemison.

Purchasing the N67 Smartgun will cost you 38713 Credits and even though this may be a bit pricey, this heavy weapon can help you shred enemies up close.


If you tend to use a certain selection of weapons and no longer include a weapon that fires 7.77MM, you can opt to use the N67 Smartgun more often.

This heavy weapon has been customized to take enemies out up close but can later be modified to have better accuracy when being aimed down the sights.

Overall, the N67 Smartgun is an amazing choice for tearing through armor and it even helps when fighting against Terrormorphs as they tend to have a lot of armor and health.

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