Starfield The Rapidshot (How to Get, Stats & Perks)

Popping enemies up close is one way to remove them from your path and this is exactly what the Rapidshot excels with doing.

The Rapidshot is a rare shotgun that boasts not only the Rapid perk, it also comes with multiple upgrades that make it perfect for anyone who gets their hands on it.

This weapon is based on the Breach (Shotgun) and deals a good amount of damage in a shorter amount of time thanks to its perks and upgrades.

The Rapidshot Shotgun Starfield

The Rapidshot Shotgun StatsThe Rapidshot Stats

The Rapidshot comes with modifications that boost its accuracy although this is countered by the other modifications it has. (You can alter this weapon later to perfect it)


Rare Shotgun

119 Ballistic


12×25 CLL Shell



Fire Rate








Notice: Damage may be different based on your Ballistics and Shotgun Certification Skills as these affect the damage that the Rapidshot Shotgun can do.

The Rapidshot Shotgun Perks

The Rapidshot includes the Rapid Perk, which increases its attack speed by 25% but this can further be quicked by modifying the weapon.

With a higher attack speed, there may not be much to the weapon but every drop counts, especially if you have modified the weapon.

How To Get The Rapidshot Shotgun?Wen Tseng who's selling the Rapidshot

The Rapidshot may be purchased from Wen Tseng, who will be selling the rare shotgun for a hefty price of 23730 Credits.

This may seem like a huge amount but players do not often get a Breach shotgun early and this unique variant of the weapon already comes with multiple bonuses.


The Rapidshot can deal a large amount of damage depending on how you make modifications to the weapon when you have more options available.

Although the attack speed of the Rapidshot may not have the highest boost to it, many other features make the weapon good.

Players who unlock research upgrades for weapons will be able to modify the Rapidshot, later on, to make the weapon better than how they first got it.

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