Starfield Ace Sidearm Pistol (How to Get, Stats & Perks)

There is nothing wrong with having a backup weapon to switch to when you run out of ammunition or when enemies come within a certain range of you.

One of the weapons worth considering is the Ace Sidearm, which is a highly modified Sidestar that allows you to easily take out human targets.

This weapon can be a great addition to players who use builds that include the Ballistics Skill or even ones that have learned the Pistol Certification Skill.

Ace Sidearm Pistol Starfield

Ace Sidearm Pistol StatsAce Sidearm Pistol Stats

The Ace Sidearm has a decent fire rate for a pistol and with its many upgrades, aiming it is made a lot easier since it allows you to highlight enemies.


Rare Pistol

18 Ballistic


.27 Caliber



Fire Rate








Notice: The Ballistics Skill and Pistol Certification Skill can affect the amount of damage that the Ace Sidearm deals. (The image above shows an Ace Sidearm that is affected by the Ballistics Skill)

Ace Sidearm Pistol Perks

The Ace Sidearm features the Anti-Personnel Perk, which causes it to deal an increased amount of damage when it is fired at humans.

With the Anti-Personnel Perk, each shot done to a human with the rare pistol will deal an additional 10% damage.

How To Get Ace Sidearm Pistol?Amoli Bava who's selling the Ace Sidearm pistol

You can get your hands on the Ace Sidearm for the price of 9468 Credits, which should not be hard to make after an hour or two in the game.

The Ace Sidearm may be purchased from Amoli Bava, who can be found at Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis on Jemison.


While some of the pistols in the game are used less frequently once you get your hands on more powerful weapons, some are good as backups or ways to conserve ammo.

The Ace Sidearm is not only a good backup weapon, but it also serves as a potential early game one as it can deal a good amount of damage from the early to middle parts of the game.

Its ability to do increased damage to humans makes it great for taking on spacers and clearing out abandoned facilities.

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