Starfield Ashta Tamer (How to Get, Stats & Perks)

Nothing beats a good barbecue like burnt Ashta (and other creatures) but that doesn’t mean you can’t set humans on fire as well because the Ashta Tamer is a weapon for all situations.

The Ashta Tamer is a rare variant of the Bridger, a weapon that fires explosive projectiles, but this specific weapon has a twist as it can set enemies on fire.

With the ability to set foes ablaze, the Ashta Tamer deals initial damage on impact as well as in an area with a chance to randomly deal incendiary damage.

Ashta Tamer Starfield

Ashta Tamer StatsAshta Tamer Stats

The Ashta Tamer deals a large amount of damage with explosive rounds and is modified with a Tactical Stock to help its accuracy.


Rare Heavy

127 Ballistic





Fire Rate








Notice: The Ballistics Skill and Heavy Weapons Certification Skill will alter the total damage done by the Ashta Tamer.

Ashta Tamer Perks

Featuring the Incendiary Perk, the Ashta Tamer has a chance to ignite enemies that are damaged by its projectiles, causing them to take damage over time as they burn.

How To Get Ashta Tamer?Weapon Cache from where you can loot Ashta Tamer

You can get the Ashta Tamer by looting it from a Weapon Cache that you find inside a cave called The Empty Nest.

This is often experienced by players who are doing “The Empty Nest”, which is one of the main missions in the game where you are searching for Artifact Chi.

Ashta Tamer can be found inside a Weapon Cache that you find in front of a locked Contraband Cache just before you reach the locked gate inside of The Empty Nest.


The Ashta Tamer is a powerful weapon but it should not be mistaken for a weapon that can tame creatures, instead, it blows things up.

One of the best things about this rare Bridger is that not only can you hit multiple enemies but you can set multiple targets on fire as well if you are lucky.

The only downside with this weapon is that it may sometimes be a bit scarce when it comes to its ammo (40MM XPL) but later on, you should be able to have enough of these or buy them.

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