Starfield Narwhal Ship (How to Get, Stats & Overview)

Exploring space and fighting your way through any hostiles in the galaxy can sometimes be tough but when you have the Narwhal, things become easier.

The Narwhal is one of the unique high-class ships that you can obtain in the game that can help you conquer almost any ship you come across.

Sporting off offense and defense, the Narwhal can stand against several ships at a time and easily strip their shields before disabling them entirely.

Narwhal Ship Starfield

How To Get Narwhal Ship?Veronica Young (Vendor)

The Narwhal is obtained by purchasing it from a certain vendor called Veronica Young, which is on the Taiyo Astroneering floor in the Ryujin Technologies building.

You can find the Ryujin Technologies building by going to Neon Core, which can be found deeper inside Neon on the planet Volii Alpha. (Located in the Volii System)

If you have already been to Neon, you can fast-travel to Neon Core and will find the building at the end of the side opposite the Astral Lounge.

Once you reach Ryujin Technologies, head straight to the end and there will be an elevator that you can take to the Taiyo Astroneering floor.

Head inside to speak with Veronica Young and you will be able to view the ships they have for sale, including the Narwhal, which costs 455400 Credits.

Narwhal Ship Overview

The Narwhal is equipped with powerful pulse laser turrets that can be powered up easily with its reactor and more weapons can be added to make it even deadlier. (These fire on their own too!)

Its powerful reactor can power up specific systems when they are required, allowing you to be confident in swapping power from one system to another based on what you need to do.

With a default jump that reaches a distance of 30LY, this ship can easily take you from one system to another regardless of the distance, especially with a greater fuel capacity.

It has the following parts:

  • Light Scythe Blaze-P 2GW SX Pulse Laser Turret (Weapon)
  • Horizon Defense Marauder 115N Railgun (Weapon)
  • Shinigami Tsukisasu 40k Missile Launcher (Weapon)
  • Reladyne Nova 100 Engine
  • Protectorate Systems Odin 3040-C Shield Generator
  • Reladyne J-52 Gamma Grav Drive
  • Xiang Pinch 8A Reactor

Narwhal Stats

The Narwhal offers a good set of default stats and these can be altered by changing its components but it does pretty good on its own. (It features powerful weapons)

It has a powerful Class-C reactor which is sufficient for the ship’s needs, especially when you need to redistribute points depending on when you are traveling or in a fight with hostiles.

One of its most powerful features is its engine, which may be fully powered to get the Narwhal to top speeds in a matter of seconds.




Cargo Capacity

Shielded Capacity



36 (C)

30 LY











The Narwhal is considered to be a Jack-of-all-trades due to its weaponry, cargo capacity, and speed along with its ability to travel further distances.

Its lasers can quickly take out an enemy’s shields while the damage of its railgun and missile launcher can easily destroy and disable a ship for docking purposes.

All-in-all, many consider the Narwhal to be one of the best ships in the game but some players have issues with its interior although this can be fixed later when you modify the ship.

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