Starfield Warwolf Ship (How to Get, Stats & Overview)

The Warwolf is one of the unique ships that you can find being sold in the galaxy and this is one predator that can make short work of smaller to even large ships.

Its size provides certain customization options while its default weaponry is powerful enough to blast ships into wreckage after you quickly chase after them.

For a Class-A ship, the Warwolf lives to its name, being a quick ship that excels at dealing damage to hostiles who you encounter as you explore the galaxy.

Warwolf Ship Starfield

How To Get Warwolf Ship?Havershaw NPC from whom you can purchase Warwolf Ship

To get the Warwolf ship, you will need to purchase it by speaking to Havershaw, who can be found in the Stroud-Eklund Staryard outside of Dalvik’s Orbit.

Dalvik is one of the moons that you can find around the planet Deepala, which is in the Narion system just to the northeast of Alpha Centauri.

You will need to travel to Dalvik, approach the Stroud-Eklund Staryard, and dock with it to speak with Havershaw who will be at a desk in one of the corners.

Being one of the ships of Stroud-Eklund (an expensive brand), the Warwolf can be purchased from Havershaw for 225175 Credits.

Warwolf Ship Overview

The Warwolf is larger than other Class-A ships, but this doesn’t mean that it is slow, because a lot of power can be put into its engines.

It boasts a good amount of weaponry, which includes those that can deal with a good amount of particle and missile damage, perfect for shield and hull destruction.

The Warwolf is not just fast, it also has a good amount of defense on it, boasting shields and a hull that are more durable than other Class-A ships.

It has the following parts:

  • Ballistic Solutions Inc. PB0-40 Auto Electron Beam (Weapons)
  • Ballistic Solutions Inc. KE-20A Autocannon (Weapon)
  • Light Scythe Atlatls 280A Missile Launcher (Weapon)
  • Slayton Aerospace SA-44110 Engine
  • Sextant Shield Systems Deflector SG-40 Shield Generator
  • Reladyne R-3000 Alpha Grave Drive
  • Amun Dunn 370T Stellarator Reactor

Warwolf Stats

The Warwolf has a balance of mobility and offense with an addition of moderate defense for encounters with hostile ships that you may find across the systems.

It particularly offers easy shield destruction with additional damage from the autocannon it has attached to, which is great for damaging certain parts.

Its jump distance is a bit lower than most ships due to its fuel capacity, but this can be upgraded to travel further later.




Cargo Capacity

Shielded Capacity



23 (A)

23 LY











The Warwolf may be more expensive than most ships, but this is mainly due to its expensive parts and the fact that it comes from a staryard that considers itself to be new.

Once you have purchased the Warwolf, you can modify it to make up for some of its lacking components, such as cargo capacity and fuel capacity.

Among the other Class-A ships, this may yet be one of the most expensive although useful ships to have when it comes to exploring and space combat.

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