Starfield: How To Mod Weapons & Equipment

In Starfield, you can get a lot of weapons that can help you take down enemies but eventually, you will reach other systems that have tougher foes.

This is the same with different kinds of equipment such as spacesuits, helmets, and packs as these contribute certain stats and even abilities.

If you are holding on to certain kinds of gear, you can always upgrade them to make them better for the challenges that you face.

Modding weapons and equipment in Starfield

How To Mod Weapons?Weapon Workbench

To mod weapons, you will need a Weapon Workbench, which allows you to modify each weapon that you have with different parts.

There will be a set of parts that you can change as this will be limited at first but once you level up the Weapon Engineering perk.

The Weapon Engineering perk will provide the following at certain ranks:

  • Rank 1 – Craft improved weapon mods and research additional ones.
  • Rank 2 – Research and craft superior weapon mods.
  • Rank 3 – Research and craft cutting-edge weapon mods.
  • Rank 4 – Research and craft master-level weapon mods.

How To Mod Equipment?Modding equipment like helment, spacesuit

When it comes to your helmet, spacesuit, and pack, these can all be upgraded with certain mods, and all these benefit from the Spacesuit Design skill.

Leveling up the Spacesuit Design skill will unlock the ability to research and craft more mods, which can then be applied to your different gear.

Leveling up the Spacesuit Design skill provides the following:

  • Rank 1 – Craft improved spacesuit, helmet, and pack mods and research additional ones
  • Rank 2 – Research and craft superior spacesuits, helmets, and pack mods.
  • Rank 3 – Research and craft cutting-edge spacesuits, helmets, and pack mods.
  • Rank 4 – Constructing spacesuits, helmets, and pack mods occasionally doesn’t cost resources.

Where To Find Crafting Stations?

Crafting stations can often be found on different planets in either settlements or some of the landmarks that you may find such as facilities and stations.

One of the best ways to gain access to crafting stations is to have them on your ship or in an outpost, which requires you to either customize your ship or build them at an outpost.

To add a crafting station to your ship, you can select a Workshop variant of the Hub for a ship, such as the Nova Galactic Workshop 2×1.

This can be done by placing or editing an existing 2×1 Hub and selecting the variant from the list, which will change the interior of the ship to have crafting stations.

How To Research Mods?

Once you have leveled up Weapon Engineering or Spacesuit Design in your skills menu, you will be able to research new crafting options at a Research Station.

This can be found in some settlements and may be an addition to your ship if you place a Science Lab or All-In-One-Berth (Type A) hub on your ship.

To complete research, you will need to have certain materials, but these can easily be collected as you explore the system, and you may even track what you need.


Being able to upgrade your equipment is one of the best parts of the game as it allows you to keep the gear you love to use and improve it further.

This allows you to make certain modifications to weapons, allowing you to make them better during a fight or for your armor, they provide you with more protection and bonuses.

When it comes to resources, these are easy to obtain in the game, so the only thing you need to do is level up and put points in skills that allow you to craft.

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