Diablo 4 Crafting Gems & Obtaining Gem Fragments in Season 2

With The Season of Blood released, Diablo 4 has gotten a couple of changes and one of these involves the Gems that you socket into your gear.

Back then you could get whole gems and slot them in your equipment, but this has changed to the point where instead, you acquire gem fragments.

This eliminates collecting too many unwanted gems and lets you make your gems based on the type and quality that you want for your gear.

Ruby Fragment (Crafting Material)

How To Craft Gems?Crafting gems in Diablo 4

Now that you will mainly be obtaining Gem Fragments (you can still get whole gems rarely) while you progress in the game, you will have to craft the Gems that you want.

This can be done by heading to any Jeweler and selecting the Craft Gems tab, which is where you will be able to see which Gems you can craft based on your Gem Fragments.

Select the Gem that you want to craft and if you have enough Gem Fragments of that type, you will be able to craft a whole gem with those fragments.

How To Get Gem Fragments?ways of obtaining gems fragments

1) Slaying Monsters

As you explore Sanctuary, you will come across several monsters, and slaying them will provide you with a chance to get Gem Fragments.

The stronger the enemy, the better chance they must drop loot when killed, which includes a certain amount of Gem Fragments.

2) Opening Event Rewards (Radiant Chests)

One of the best ways for you to get different rewards is to participate in events that can be found all over Sanctuary, which provides you with a chance to get Gem Fragments.

Completing the event will of course provide you with a chest based on whether you completed the objective (with a bonus or not) and you will have a chance to get Gem Fragments when opening it.

3) Gem Caches

If you have played since the previous season, you will be familiar with Gem Caches as these are rewarded when you complete certain side quests.

Gem Caches have changed during The Season of Blood and instead of giving you whole Gems, you will get Gem Fragments instead.

4) Salvaging Gems

You may have gotten your hand on certain whole Gems or may have accidentally crafted some previously, which you may no longer need.

If you have unwanted Gems, you can Salvage them at the Jeweler, which will provide you with Gem Fragments of the same type.

Types of Gem Fragments

The following is a list of the different Gem Fragments that you may obtain in the game, and these can be viewed by opening your inventory and selecting Stats & Materials. (Materials Tab)

  • Ruby Fragment
  • Amethyst Fragment
  • Emerald Fragment
  • Topaz Fragment
  • Sapphire Fragment
  • Diamond Fragment
  • Skull Fragment


Gems play an important role in altering the stats of your character as these provide your equipment with different bonuses that can make you stronger.

New characters will often have limited access to better Gems, but this changes once your level increases as you can later craft ones that provide you with better bonuses.

It’s best to save your Gem Fragments for what you need as these can be high in demand once you have reached higher levels.

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