Diablo 4 Chapter 1 Season Journey (Season 2)

Diablo 4 starts The Season of Blood with Chapter I of the Season Journey, which acts as a starting guide that introduces you to new rewards as you progress through the season.

This includes providing you with Favor and more goods that you can use throughout the season and to start things off, you get a few minor objectives.

During the first chapter of the Season Journey, you will be doing easy activities that may remind you of how things started when the title was released.

D4 Season Journey Chapter 1 (Season of Blood)

Season 2 Season Journey Chapter 1 Objectives

1) The Crimson Garden

Collect 10 Reddamine (Found in Dry Steppes)

Reward: Smaller Favor

2) Kind Stranger

 Complete 3 Priority/Side Quests.

Reward: Smaller Favor

3) What Lurks Below

Complete 1 Cellar.

Reward: Smaller Favor

4) Waste Not

Salvage 7 Common items at the Blacksmith or Jeweler.

Reward: Smaller Favor

5) Across the Golden Wastes

Complete 2 Dungeons in the Dry Steppes.

Reward: Smaller Favor

6) Trouble in the Wilds

Complete 1 World Event.

Reward: Smaller Favor

7) Contract Forged

Equip 1 Pact Armor. (You may obtain these after the Main Campaign)

Reward: Smaller Favor

8) A Drop of Blood

Activate a Vampiric Power. (You may unlock these after the Main Campaign)

Reward: Smaller Favor

Season 2 Chapter 1 Rewards

Once you have completed at least 6 of 8 objectives, you will be able to unlock the Chapter 1 rewards, which include the following:

1) Greater Favor

Favor contributes to your Seasonal Tier, providing you with Battle Pass rewards.

2) First Journey Cache

A cache that you can open to obtain Herbs and Pact Armor.

3) Wanton Rupture Aspect

Prevents the Barbarian’s Rupture from removing Bleeding damage from enemies. (Has Cooldown)

4) Raw Might Aspect

Provides the Druid’s Werebear Skill with bonus damage and a 2-second stun after attacking 15 enemies with Werebear Skills.

5) Aspect of the Long Shadow

Lucky Hit effect that provides the Necromancer’s Shadow Damage Over Time effects with a chance to generate 3 Essence.

This also causes the damage from the Shadowblight Key Passive to always generate 2 Essence.

6) Aspect of Artful Initiative

Every time a Rogue spends 100 Energy, they release a cluster of Stun Grenades that deal Physical damage and stun enemies for 0.50 seconds.

This also causes Grenade Skills to deal 15% more damage.

7) Battle Caster’s Aspect

Lucky Hit effect that provides the Sorcerer/Sorceress Conjuration Skills with a chance to gain +1 Rank to their Conjuration Skills for 12 seconds.

This effect can stack up to 3 times.


While you start in the Season of the Blood, you will most likely want to hang around the Dry Steppes as many of the objectives can be completed here.

Another good way to complete these objectives is to explore a bit, especially if you have skipped the Main Campaign since the Seasonal Quests take you all over the place.

You might even complete some of these unintentionally as you will be progressing your character and may end up completing them within your first hour of the season.

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