Diablo 4 Chapter 2 Season Journey (Season 2)

The adventure continues as you fight against your vampiric enemies in Diablo 4’s The Season of Blood and more challenges lie ahead of you.

As you continue in Chapter II of the Season Journey, you will be delving more into the game and will be taking up a few more side activities to get you through the season.

This will mostly have you taking part in completing Cellars, Dungeons and even diving headfirst into Blood Harvest zones to pick off enemies and improve your Vampiric Powers.

D4 Season Journey Chapter 2 (Season of Blood)

Season 2 Season Journey Chapter 2 Objectives

1) Forsaken Offerings

Obtain 2 Caches from the Tree of Whispers by completing Whispers.

Reward: Smaller Favor

2) Vault Delver

Complete 8 Cellars.

Reward: Smaller Favor

3) Ruins Claimed

Conquer 1 Stronghold.

Reward: Smaller Favor

4) Finer Clarity

Upgrade your Potion to Minor at an Alchemist.

Reward: Smaller Favor

5) Path to Strength

Unlock 8 Aspects in your Codex of Power by completing Dungeons.

Reward: Smaller Favor

6) Baptized in Blood

Reach Level 25.

Reward: Smaller Favor

7) Vampire No More

Defeat 1 Blood Seeker. (You will encounter them after the Main Campaign and easily find/summon them in Blood Harvest zones)

Reward: Smaller Favor

8) Tides of Blood

Activate 1 Vampiric Power that requires at least 3 Pacts. (Vampiric Powers may be unlocked by completing or skipping the Main Campaign)

Reward: Smaller Favor

9) Contract Reforged

Add or remove Pacts from 1 piece of armor. (This can be done after the Main Campaign is completed or skipped)

Reward: Smaller Favor

10) Bejeweled

Craft 1 Gem at a Jeweler.

Reward: Smaller Favor

Season 2 Chapter 2 Rewards

The rewards for the second chapter of The Season of Blood may be obtained after completing 9 out of 11 objectives.

1) Greater Favor

Adds points to help you increase your Seasonal Tier, which allows you to earn Battle Pass Rewards.

2) Second Journey Cache

A Cache that provides you with Scattered Prisms, Pact Armor, and Potent Blood.

3) Aspect of Berserk Fury

Provides the Barbarian with Fury generation per second while Berserking is active.

4) Aspect of the Stampede

Provides the Druid with 1 additional Companion and increases the damage of your Companion Skills by a certain percentage.

5) Aspect of Frenzied Dead

Increases the Attack Speed of your Summoning Minions by 3 seconds whenever they damage an enemy, which stacks up to a certain percentage.

6) Aspect of Quickening Fog

This causes the Rogue to automatically drop a Smoke Grenade at the end of a Dash and causes Smoke Grenades to reduce Dash’s Cooldown.

The cooldown reduction depends on how many enemies are hit and can stack to a certain number of seconds in total.

This also causes Grenade Skills to deal 15% more damage.

7) Stable Aspect

The Sorcerer/Sorceress has a certain percentage of a chance to trigger Shock Skills for free while Unstable Currents is not active.


Completing Season Journey Chapter 2 of The Season of Blood is almost as easy as Chapter 1, but it requires you to do a bit more grinding.

One of the best ways to complete some of the objectives is in a Blood Harvest zone as this is where you can easily encounter Blood Seekers and get Potent Blood for your Vampiric Abilities.

Farming other items such as Pact Armor or the items used to alter them can also be done in Blood Harvest zones, which should get you through some of the objectives as well.

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