Diablo 4 Chapter 3 Season Journey (Season 2)

After the completion of the second chapter in The Season of Blood Chapter 2, you face even more challenges and improve your character’s abilities.

This will require that you delve more into exploring Sanctuary and participate in Blood Harvest zones to slice and dice even more vampires.

You will need to complete more side activities in this chapter but there are even more rewards to come, including Aspects that can be useful for certain builds.

D4 Season Journey Chapter 3 (Season of Blood)

Season 2 Season Journey Chapter 3 Objectives

1) Wonders Distilled

Craft 5 Elixirs of any type at an Alchemist.

Reward: Smaller Favor

2) Grim Claim

Obtain 5 Caches from the Tree of Whispers after completing Whispers.

Reward: Smaller Favor

3) Champion of the Lost

Conquer 3 Strongholds.

Reward: Smaller Favor

4) Touching the Eternal

Unlock 16 Aspects in your Codex of Power by completing Dungeons.

Reward: Smaller Favor

5) Exceptional Potency

Upgrade your Potion to Light at the Alchemist.

Reward: Smaller Favor

6) Novice Reaper

Reach Reputation 3 Hunter’s Acclaim in the Blood Harvest. (These become accessible once you have completed or skipped the Main Campaign)

Reward: Smaller Favor

7) Lancing Boils

Destroy 7 Blood Blisters within a Blood Harvest. (You can access these after completing or skipping the Main Campaign)

Reward: Smaller Favor

8) Ascending Darkness

Upgrade a Vampiric Power to Level 2 by consuming Potent Blood. (Vampiric Powers are unlocked after the Main Campaign is completed or skipped)

Reward: Smaller Favor

9) Sought Ought

Defeat 12 Blood Seekers. (You may encounter them after the Main Campaign is completed or skipped and may often find them in Blood Harvest zones)

Reward: Smaller Favor

10) Susurration

Open 1 Silent Chest. (These are found all around Sanctuary and the Whispering Keys needed can be purchased from Purveyor of Curiosities NPCs)

Reward: Smaller Favor

11) The Father’s Gate

Complete the Cathedral of Light Dungeon to unlock the Nightmare World Tier. (Unlock World Tier 3)

Reward: Smaller Favor

12) Potent Vows

Equip a piece of armor that has 5 Pacts engraved on it. (Armors that are altered count for this objective)

Reward: Smaller Favor

Season 2 Chapter 3 Rewards

Once you have completed at least 10 out of 13 of these objectives, you will be able to claim the rewards for Season 2’s Chapter 3 of the Seasonal Journey.

1) Greater Favor

This is used (automatically) to help you progress your Season Tier to provide you with Battle Pass rewards.

2) Strips and Points

Mount armor that you can equip your horse with at the Stable Master. (Currently bugged and does not show up in the Stable Master’s Menu)

3) Third Journey Cache

A Cache that contains Legendary Salvage, Pact Armor, and Potent Blood.

4) Luckbringer Aspect

When the Barbarian’s Walking Arsenal Key Passive has all damage bonuses, they gain a certain percentage of increased Lucky Hit Chance.

5) Aspect of Natural Balance

When the Druid casts a Storm Skill, they are granted bonus Earth Skill Critical Strike Damage by a certain percentage for 4 Seconds.

This also increases the Critical Strike Chances of Storm Skills by a smaller percentage when the Druid casts an Earth Skill.

6) Aspect of Shielding Storm

Provides the Necromancer with a Barrier equal to a small percentage of their Base Life for 10 seconds when Bone Storm damages an enemy.

7) Mangler’s Aspect

Lucky Hit Chance for a Rogue to have a certain percentage of a chance to Daze a Vulnerable enemy for 2 seconds when dealing direct damage to them.

8) Aspect of Ancient Flame

The Sorcerer/Sorceress gains increased attack speed when both bonuses from the Esu’s Ferocity Key Passive are active.


The third chapter of the Season Journey during The Season of Blood is good preparation for when you are about to hit Level 50 and provides you with a bit more of a challenge.

While most of these are completing side activities and equipping better gear, you will soon face challenges that require you to be in World Tier 3.

It is best to complete as many of these as you can and complete the Cathedral of Light to unlock World Tier 3 so you can quickly move on to the next chapter.

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