Diablo 4 How to Get Nightmare Sigils in Season 2

After Diablo 4’s Season 2 rolled out, players were already excited to beef up their characters to delve into the Seasonal Quest and make their characters stronger afterward.

This later leads to Nightmare Dungeons, which players will need to complete to improve their Paragon Board Glyphs and get even better rewards.

Things have changed a bit as your first Nightmare Sigil needs to be acquired and it won’t come from the Vampire Lord Zir but it is easier to get.

Nightmare Dungeon Activated (OldStones Tier 1)

How To Get Nightmare Sigils in Season 2?

To get your first Nightmare Sigil in The Season of Blood, all you need to do is reach World Tier 3 with your character, which gives you access to better rewards.

You will then need to complete Whispers so that you can get a Grand Cache from the Tree of Whispers, which will reward you with one or more Nightmare Sigils.

Once you have a Nightmare Sigil, you can use it to change a Dungeon to a Nightmare Dungeon, which is where you can get more Nightmare Sigils and/or Sigil Powder.

How To Create Nightmare Dungeons?Grinning Labyrinth Nightmare Sigil

To create a Nightmare Dungeon, you will need to use a Nightmare Sigil, which can be done once you have obtained one from the Tree of Whispers.

Using a Nightmare Sigil will modify a specific Dungeon, applying certain Affixes to it that will make your run easier or harder depending on what is changed.

You will be able to see which Dungeon will be altered before you use it, and this will also change its icon on your map so that you can find it easily.

Farming Nightmare Sigils and Sigil Powder 

Farming Nightmare Sigils and Sigil Powder begins when you get your first Nightmare Sigil, which we have mentioned previously.

Once you complete your first Nightmare Dungeon, you will continuously be able to get Nightmare Sigils as well as Nightmare Powder.

These will either drop from enemies that you encounter within the Nightmare Dungeon as well as a reward at the end when you complete it.

Where To Farm Whispers?Whispers of the dead Nightmare

You can farm Whispers almost anywhere in Sanctuary if they appear on the map, and you follow the objectives required to complete them.

During The Season of Blood, you can easily farm Whispers in a Blood Harvest zone, and this is also a good way for you to get Potent Blood quickly.

You’re most likely to get your first Nightmare Sigil within the first or second Tree Of Whispers Cache, which will also help you out with Chapter 4 of the Season Journey and onwards.


Nightmare Dungeons are a part of the endgame of Diablo 4 in any season and if you want to improve your character in multiple ways, completing them is one of the best options.

You can easily complete Whispers in the Blood Harvest zones as they have an almost unlimited number of opportunities for you to fill up your Whispers Meter.

Once you get started with a few Nightmare Dungeons, you will be able to continue doing higher-tier dungeons with the Nightmare Sigils you collect or craft.

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