Diablo 4 How to Summon Echo of Varshan in Season 2

With Season of the Malignant out of the way, everyone has gotten into the blood fest where Sanctuary is now swarming with vampires.

One of the returning bosses that is now permanent to the game is Varshan, who you will remember if you went through the Seasonal Quest of Season of the Malignant.

Players can once more fight the Echo of Varshan on different difficulties but without Malignant Invokers, something else needs to be done to summon him.

Nightmare Echo of Varshan

Where To Summon Echo of Varshan in Season 2?Malignant Burrow

The Echo of Varshan is no longer found in Malignant Tunnels but instead, you can find a Malignant Altar that can be used to perform the Ritual of Hatred.

You can find the Malignant Altar inside the Malignant Burrow, which is beneath the Tree of Whispers and Once the Ritual of Hatred has been performed, this will summon an Echo of Varshan.

There is one slight catch though, you will need to collect a few parts to begin the Ritual Of Hatred and they can all be obtained during The Season of Blood.

Echo of Varshan Requirements

To perform the Ritual of Hatred at a Malignant Altar, you will need to obtain the following items before going into the Malignant Burrow:

Echo of Varshan Summoning RequirementsSummoning Requirements of Echo of Varshan

You can obtain the Gurgling Head, Blackened Femur, and Trembling Hand in the same manner, which is mainly to open a Tree of Whispers Cache.

There will be a chance that you will get one of the parts required but sometimes none will drop so basically you need to farm for these caches.

Luckily, farming Whispers is done easily almost anywhere but it seems that the Blood Harvest zones are the best to do this since you can also get Potent Blood and more goodies.

Malignant Body Cache

If you have enough parts to spare, you can also refine a certain part along with other materials in order to get a Malignant Body Cache.

A Malignant Body Cache has the chance to drop 1 of the 3 parts needed and this will always be randomized when it drops.

How To Defeat the Echo of Varshan in Season 2?Fighting with the Echo of Varshan

Fighting the Echo of Varshan is the same as it was during the Season of the Malignant, which means he will come at you with his appendages and summon enemies.

He will use the enemies that he summons to replenish his health, which makes it vital to take them out as they can also provide you with Healing Potions.

Dodging is important as well since his attacks can be quite deadly and you should also watch out for when he marks areas as this means a lot of damage comes that way.

Eventually after dodging his attacks, slaying his minions, and dealing damage to him in the progress, the Echo of Varshan should be dead in no time.

Echo of Varshan Season 2 Rewards

Like the rewards in the previous season, the Echo of Varshan can drop good loot, which ranges from Rare to Unique items.

You can also obtain rare ingredients from him, which makes this an all-in-one jackpot depending on how lucky you can get as well as the World Tier you are on.

Playing on World Tier 3 will guarantee that if not all, the majority of the items will be Sacred, so you can expect some good drops that can replace your current gear.


Facing the Echo of Varshan may not be that much of an interest to players at first but you later need to do this to progress toward an objective in Chapter 4 of the Seasonal Journey.

There are other objectives you can complete for Chapter 4 but there is also the matter of loot that drops from the Echo of Varshan once you have killed him.

If ever you happen to have all 3 of the requirements to summon the Echo of Varshan, you can always keep them aside for when you feel like farming loot from him.

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