How to Get Blackened Femur in Diablo 4

One may have originally thought that an item such as a Blackened Femur would have been an ingredient used for crafting but in this case, things are different.

If you remember the Echo of Varshan, this is one of the items you need to pick a fight with the appendage-whipping boss that you may have encountered in Season 1.

Along with 3 other items, the Blackened Femur is a requirement for a special ritual that can rile the Echo of Varshan up, but you will first need to do a bit of grinding.

Blackened Femur D4 (Season of Blood)

How To Get Blackened Femur?Collection of Chaos

The main way to obtain a Blackened Femur as well as what is written in its description, is to obtain it by opening a cache from the Tree of Whispers.

You can easily farm Whispers in a Blood Harvest zone during The Season of Blood and try your luck with opening any of the caches available for claiming.

Another way is to seek out rare enemies that have a chance to drop them, which are those who can be found in the Blood Harvest zones that spawn from a puddle of blood.

A less convenient way to get them is to refine other parts at an Alchemist to get a Malignant Body Cache but most would consider this wasteful as it costs one of the 3 parts.

UPDATE: Season of the Loot Reborn

As of the Season of Loot Reborn update, players may now collect Blackened Femur in several more ways, which include the following:

  • Defeating Elites
  • Completing Local Events
  • Defeating Treasure Goblins
  • Defeating Hellborne (Helltide)
  • Defeating Blood Maiden (Helltide)

Blackened Femur UsesMalignant Altar

Once you have gotten your hands on a Blackened Femur, you can use it with the other 2 items required to summon the Echo of Varshan.

This can be done by heading to the Tree of Whispers and entering the Malignant Burrow, which is where you will be able to find the Malignant Altar.

Having all 3 items required will allow you to summon the Echo of Varshan, who you can slay to obtain a lot of loot, including Legendary and Unique items.


The Echo of Varshan can be summoned countless times as long as you reset the dungeon and have the parts needed for the Malignant Altar.

Not everyone would consider refining materials to get Malignant Body Caches as these will consume not only an item required for summoning but other rare ingredients too.

Before summoning the Echo of Varshan, it would be wise to gear up and prepare for a tough fight so the summoning items don’t go to waste.

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