Diablo 4 How to Summon Blood Seeker Council (Season 2)

Diablo 4 has released The Season of the Blood (Season 2) and there are several things for players to do, especially with the Season Journey and the new Blood Harvest events.

Blood Harvests allow you to fight back against the vampiric invasion and players have been going around hunting Blood Seekers and opening Seeker Caches.

What some of you might not know yet is that there is a Blood Seeker Council and if you have already reached Chapter 4 of the Season Journey, you may already be looking for them.

Blood Harvest event D4 (Season of Blood)

Who is Blood Seeker Council?Arrenn of the Ancients

The Blood Seeker Council is a group of powerful Blood Seekers that will attack you after sending forth vast vampire forces.

Each of them has a different class and will use certain Skills against you but defeating them provides you with incredible loot.

Defeating a member of the Blood Seeker Council has an insanely high chance of causing Legendary and higher rarity items to drop.

How To Summon Blood Seeker Council?Blood Lure Pedestal

To summon the Blood Seeker Council, you will first need to have 150 Blood Lures, which will be divided between 3 Blood Lure Pedestals.

Different players can contribute as whoever interacts with a Blood Lure Pedestal will deposit 50 Blood Lures into it and when all are filled, the Blood Seeker Council will arrive.

They will send in multiple enemies first that must be killed before they appear and all of them will arrive at the same time when this happens.

The Blood Lure Pedestals can only be found in Blood Harvest areas and will disappear once the zone has moved to a new location.

Blood Seeker Council Locations

This is a list of the Blood Seeker Council locations that we have on record so far as they are not appearing on the map as they should. (This page will be updated when new locations are found)

1) Scosglen – Highland Wilds

Highland Wilds (Scosglen) map

You can find a set of the Blood Lure Pedestals a bit north from the center of the Highland Wilds in Scosglen just before taking the path on the right to reach The Shrouded Moors.

2) Scosglen – The Shrouded Moors

The Shrouded Moors (Scosglen) map

If you are in the Shrouded Moors, you can find a set of Blood Lure Pedestals around the center of The Blood Vale. (It can be a little hard to miss but you should find it if you ride around)

3) Hawezar – Forsaken Coast

Forsaken Coast (Hawezar) map

When the Blood Harvest is on the Forsaken Coast, you can easily find it by exiting the front gate of Backwater and heading to the east.


Finding the Blood Lure Pedestals to summon the Blood Seeker Council may be a bit difficult for some but you should get used to it once you have used them a few times.

Chapter 4 of the Season Journey has an objective that requires you to summon a Blood Seeker Council and defeat them.

One of the best ways to get good items is to explore the Blood Harvest as there are a lot of drops when you target the Blood Seeker Council.

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