Diablo 4 Blood Lures (How to Get & Use)

With The Season of Blood now in play, everyone is getting their hands on lots of goodies in the Blood Harvest zones that shift between locations.

This requires that you obtain Blood Lures first to summon Blood Seekers, who drop Seeker Keys that open special caches that provide you with rewards.

This makes farming Blood Lures essential if you want to maximize the rewards that you get during the season from the Blood Harvest zones.

Blood Harvest zones in Diablo 4 (Season of Blood)

How To Get Blood Lures?Defeating vampires in Blood Harvest areas

These Lures are obtained from defeating vampires in Blood Harvest areas, which you can do easily but there are also certain objects you can interact with to speed things up.

To get Blood Lures, you should explore the Blood Harvest zones and by doing so, you are bound to run into several vampires every couple of seconds riding around on your horse.

You also get Blood Lures from opening Seeker Caches, which becomes helpful in continuing a cycle of farming more and more.

How To Use Blood Lures?

Blood Lures are used to activate Sanguine Altars, which will summon Blood Seekers that you can fight to obtain Seeker Keys that they drop.

Seeker Keys are used to open Seeker Caches, which will provide you with various rewards tied to The Season of Blood.

You will need 15 Blood Lures to activate a Sanguine Altar and these can be reused as they will be accessible again after a short duration once the Blood Seekers have been killed.

Blood SeekersFighting with the Blood Seekers

Blood Seekers are powerful enemies that stalk the areas affected by the Blood Harvest, and will drop Seeker Keys and other rewards when killed.

You will encounter 2 Blood Seekers every time you activate a Sanguine Shrine and may sometimes find them out in the open.

Be careful when facing these enemies as they can be deadly if accompanied by other vampires who have a chance to overwhelm you.


To quickly obtain Blood Lures, you should ride around searching for enemies whenever there is a Blood Harvest zone active.

If the Blood Harvest zone moves, you don’t have to worry because all the Blood Lures that you have will remain with you when you head over to the new zone.

By collecting Blood Lures, obtaining Seeker Keys, and opening Seeker Caches, you can continuously get incredible gear as well as other goodies when farming in a Blood Harvest zone.

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