Destiny 2 Wayfinder’s Voyage Week 4 Quest Steps

Destiny 2 Wayfinder's Voyage Seasonal Quest

After discovering that Osiris is not who everyone thought he was, a new path was set in motion, one which involves aiding Savathun.

Savathun claims to be a Witch Queen, who is being hunted by her sister Xivu Arath on behalf of another, meaning there is more to the feud.

Mara Sov has agreed to help Savathun, which will be exchanged for the return of Osiris, but not everyone agrees this is a good idea.

During the seasonal quest, you will take part in the events which will alter the fate of those who are left after the aftermath, guided by the Wayfinder’s Compass.

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Quest Steps

Week 1 Quest Steps

Step 1: Travel to Trostland in the EDZ and collect Parallax Trajectory

The first thing you will need to do is to collect Parallax Trajectory, a new resource introduced in Destiny 2 with the Season of the Lost.

While one of the objectives of this step is to head over to EDZ and the other is to collect Parallax Trajectory, it is not necessary to focus on doing it only in the EDZ.

You may collect Parallax Trajectory by participating in Strikes, Gambit and Crucible matches, public events, and more.

Step 2: Enter the Shattered Realm via the H.E.L.M. map to find and rescue a lost Techeun’s Ley Line

You will need to head into a Shattered Realm (Forest of Echoes) and will need to rescue the Tacheun, who will be at the end of the mission.

This will put you into an ascendant plane where you will need to align multiple beacons to show the right path and make it to the Tacheun.

Step 3: Wayfinder’s Compass upgraded with Barrier Breach

You will need to head back to H.E.L.M. so that you may upgrade the Wayfinder’s Compass, specifically to enable the Barrier ability.

After you have upgraded the Wayfinder’s Compass with the Barrier ability, you will be able to remove barriers in the Shattered Realms, allowing you to complete Trivial Mysteries.

Step 4: Speak to Savathun in Mara’s Chambers

Savathun will want to speak with you after you have made some efforts to pursue your goals, which ends up with her explaining about her past.

It is at this point that a lot will be revealed when it comes to how Savathun had been interfering and altering events.

Step 5: Speak with Ikora Rey in the Tower Bazaar

Your next task will be to head to the Tower and speak with Ikora Rey, who will then reveal the thoughts she had about Osiris.

A short conversation will take place between you and Ikora Rey and she will send you out to continue to take point with the Awoken, alongside The Crow.

Step 6: End of Week 1

The continuation after conversing with Ikora Rey will lead you to perform more events related to Season of the Lost.

It is best that you prepare, farm, and participate in Season 15 activities to allow you to, later on, upgrade and progress further with the seasonal quest.

Week 2 Quest Steps

Step 7: Visit the Wayfinder’s Compas in the H.E.L.M. to receive a briefing from Mara

Continuing from where Week 1 left off, you will need to proceed to the H.E.L.M. and afterward, you will get the next step to the Seasonal Quest.

Mara explains that there is another force at work and whatever it is, that very force is manipulating Xivu Arath.

Step 8: Form An Astral Alignment within the Blind Well using your Wayfinder’s Compass

Once again you will need to join in with other Guardians to perform an Astral Alignment, but during Week 2, the last phase will be different from the previous week.

Step 9: Collect Parallax Trajectory to Triangulate the location of lost Techeuns

Just like what you did with EDZ, you will need to go to Thieves’ Landing on the Tangled Shore and collect Parallax Trajectory.

This does not mean you have to get the Parallax Trajectory in the Tangled Shore, you can head off to do activities to get the resource after fast traveling once to Thieves’ Landing.

Step 10: Complete the Shattered Realm: Debris of Dreams Mission

Another Tacheun has been found and this time you will need to do the Shattered Realm: Debris of Dreams which replaces the Forest of Echos.

The Debris of Dreams is different from the previous Shattered Realm and features more realistic enemies in a lesser ascendant location.

It is in this location that you will once more need to align beacons and fight through the Scorn in order to free the captive Techeun.

Step 11: Upgrade Your Compass With The Sight Ability

Once you have freed the Techeun, head back to the H.E.L.M. and upgrade your Wayfinder’s Compass to get the Sight Ability.

This will allow you to use more of the Wayfinder’s Compass abilities for better exploration in the Shattered Realms.

Step 12: Speak to Savathun in Mara’s Chambers

Head over to Mara’s Chambers through the portal in the H.E.L.M. and go to Savathun’s location where you can interact with her to converse.

Once again, Savathun would like to speak with you as if she was trying to either convince you or to share her side of all things.

It still remains fishy if she is telling the truth or keeping some facts hidden, and at this point it is obvious she wants you on her side.

Step 13: End of Week 2

This step is considered to be another pause and end of the current week, which is meant to instruct you to continue progressing with your level and to get more Parallax Trajectory.

It is a good idea to level up your Season Rank and to unlock whatever you can with the Parallax Trajectory that you collect.

Week 3 Quest Steps

Step 14: Visit Wayfinder’c Compass in the H.E.L.M.

As week 3 has arrived, you will need to head over to the Wayfinder’s Compass to be receive a briefing from Mara.

Step 15: Form an Astral Alignment with the Blind Well

Complete an Astral Alignment (Offensive) mission using your Wayfinder’s Compass, this will allow you to charge it.

Step 16: Collect Parallax Trajectory to Triangulate the Location of Lost Techeuns

Head over to the Moon to collect Ascendant Anchors or complete activities such as Crucible and Gambit matches, public events and more.

Step 17: Enter the Shattered Realm via the H.E.L.M. map to find and rescue the Lost Techeun

Head over to the H.E.L.M. and enter the current Shattered Realm (Ruins of Wrath) and complete it, rescuing the Techeun while you’re at it.

Step 18: Upgrade your compass with the Safe Passage Ability

Head back to the H.E.L.M. and upgrade your Wayfinder’s Compass with the newly unlocked Safe Passage ability.

Step 19: Speak to Petra in the H.E.L.M.

Petra Venj needs to speak with you and will be located at the portal that heads to Mara Sov’s Chambers along with The Crow who she has an argument with.

Step 20: Speak to Savathun in Mara’s Chambers

After the argument between The Crow and Petra Venj, Savathun will want to speak with you, head over to her location through the portal in the H.E.L.M.

Step 21: Speak to The Crow in H.E.L.M.

Head over to Crow and speak with him after you have finished your conversation with Savathun.

Step 22: Speak to Petra Via the Wayfinder’s Compass

Head over to the Wayfinder’s Compass and interact with it to begin a conversation with Petra Venj, discussing Crow’s behavior.

Step 23: End of Week 3

Another pause in the Wayfinder’s Voyage Seasonal Quest, continue doing your Seasonal Quests and collecting what you need until the next update.

Week 4 Quest Steps

Step 24: Visit Wayfinder’s Compass in the H.E.L.M.

The wait is over and Week 4 has arrived, once again you will need to visit Mara and speak with her via the Wayfinder’s Compass for briefing.

Step 25: Form an Astral Alignment

Similar to the previous weeks, you will need to perform another Astral Alignment, so get ready and join up with a team to finish the task.

Step 26: Collect Parallax Trajectory

To prepare you for upgrading your Wayfinder’s Compass, later on, you will need to obtain Parallax Trajectory.

You can collect Parallax Trajectory by collecting Ascendant Anchors and participating in activities such as Crucible and Gambit matches, public events, and more.

Step 27: Enter Shattered Realm Via the H.E.L.M. and Rescue Lost Techeun

Another Techeun has been found by the Wayfinder’s Compass, proceed with entering the Shattered Realm and completing it.

Step 28: Unlock Enhanced Breach at the Wayfinder’s Compass

After rescuing the fourth Techeun, another ability will be available and you will need to unlock it to proceed to the next quest step.

Step 29: Speak to Savathun in Mara’s Chambers

Savathun wishes to speak with you once more and this time she reveals her thoughts about family and how everything she has done has been for her siblings.

Step 30: End of Week 4

Quest step 30 is the end of Week 4, now that you have unlocked Enhanced Breach, the increase in the duration of barrier effects should make things easier.


  • It is a good idea to farm Parallax Trajectory when you can before the start of each week of the season, as these will be needed later on.
  • To calibrate the Season of the Lost Artifact (Wayfinder’s Compass) you will need to complete seasonal challenges.
  • Some upgrades for the Wayfinder’s Compass will only be accessible once you have completed a certain quest step from the Wayfinder’s Voyage quest.

When focusing on Season 15 and the seasonal quest, it is a good idea to pick up bounties now and then to get more rewards while focusing on other tasks.


Season of the Lost (Season 15) appears to have a direct connection to the upcoming Witch Queen DLC, which is making everyone curious about how the story is going to turn out.

The Wayfinder’s Compass brings about new bonuses for players and is a more active artifact, being able to change what players can do in the Shattered Realm.

Each week there will be a new update to the Wayfinder’s Voyage Seasonal Quest, which will allow players to continue progressing and to upgrade the artifact further.

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