Destiny 2: Gambit Guide (Defeating Boss, Bounties, High Value Targets, Rewards…)

Destiny 2 Gambit

In Destiny 2, there are different kinds of game modes for players to enjoy, most of them being PVE (player versus environment) or PVP (player vs player).

In Gambit (Competitive Co-Op), you get to fight both the enemies of humanity as well as fight against other guardians in a PVPVE (player vs player vs environment).

Your objective is to kill enemies of humanity, obtain items called motes which they drop, bank the motes and kill a Primeval.

Gambit Gameplay

At the start of the match, players will wait for The Drifter to make a coin toss to determine which enemies of humanity you and your opponents will be fighting against.

Once this is done, there will be a brief moment where all players will be waiting for the match to start and at this point, you can see your opponents.

The types of enemies that you may go up against may include one of the following factions in Destiny 2:

  • Cabal
  • Fallen
  • Hive
  • Scorn
  • Vex

The coin toss will randomly determine which of these factions you will go up against as well as the Primeval boss you fight in the end.

Killing Enemies of Humanity

The fighting portion will begin and you and your fireteam will need to head over to the location where hostiles are incoming to fight them off.

You will need to start killing the enemies in order to obtain Motes which they drop upon death for you to pick up.

Enemies will spawn in sets in specific locations which will be marked by a waypoint for you and your team to follow for an attack.

Enemies will only spawn in one area at a time and you and your fireteam can head to the location and cooperate to defeat them.

Collect Motes (Collecting Points)

Upon killing enemies, Motes will be dropped and these can be picked up by moving within close range of them, instantly causing them to be obtained.

You can carry an amount of 15 Motes in total and there will be a meter at the top representing how many Motes you will be able to add via a bar.

These Motes can make enemies target you more and should be carried with caution since they will drop upon death, especially when you are killed by an invading member of the other team.

If there are Motes that have been dropped but not collected, they will begin to blink and, in a few seconds, will disappear.

You can see both the progress of your fireteam and that of the opposing team represented by a bar at the top of your screen.

Deposit Motes (Scoring Points)

Once you have obtained Motes, it will be time for you to bring them back to your Bank which is marked by a waypoint once you have points.

Banking Motes will allow your team to score points that need to be accumulated up to 100 in order to proceed to the next phase, the Primeval fight.

Whenever you and your team score Motes in the values of 5, 10, or 15, a blocker will be spawned which prevents your enemies from banking their Motes.

The blockers are enemies who will spawn at the enemy’s Bank, causing it to lock up until the opposing team is able to defeat it.

Blockers come as the following difficulties based on the number of Motes you deposit:

  • Small Blocker (5 Motes)
  • Medium Blocker (10 Motes)
  • Large Blocker (15 Motes)

The larger the Blocker, the more difficult it will be to kill, and the more time you and your fireteam have to operate while the opposing team is at a disadvantage.

Kill Primeval (Defeating Gambit Boss)

Upon scoring 100 Motes, you and your team will begin with the next phase which puts you up against a Primeval boss.

This enemy must be defeated in order for you and your fireteam to come out victorious in the match, making it the primary goal.

Depending on which faction has been selected by random at the beginning of the match, there will be a specific type of boss for you to fight.

The Primeval bosses which you will be facing depend on which faction has been chosen at the start of the match.

Envoys will spawn along with the Primeval boss and can be killed in order to build stacks of Primeval Slayer buffs which allow you to deal more damage to the boss.

Once the Primeval boss has been defeated, you and your fireteam will be victorious and will receive rewards.


After your fireteam has scored 25 Motes, a portal will be opened, allowing one of your members to head over to the opposing team’s side.

This is where the PVP portion comes in during Gambit and this allows the member who is invading to head over to hunt down members of the opposing team.

Invaders are given an overshield and can see the locations of their enemies as well as the number of Motes that they are carrying.

An invader can cause chaos for about 30 seconds or until they have been killed or have killed up to 4 guardians.

If the opposing team has summoned their Primeval and is fighting it, killing members of their team will restore the health of the Primeval, making it harder for them to finish.

High Value Targets

High Value Targets are enemies who appear during Gambit that have a white glow about them and offer a large number of Motes when they are killed.

These enemies usually spawn at random but are more common when your team is dragging behind, giving you a chance to catch up if you kill them for Motes.

When a High Value Target appears, there will be an alert and it is necessary to kill it as soon as possible before it escapes.


Majors are similar to High Value Targets in a way but instead of having the knack for escape, they appear as a larger boost when it comes to Motes.

You can kill Majors to obtain more Motes compared to other enemies who usually give a single Mote per kill.

A Major can be distinguished by looking out for its golden/yellow glow and its appearance, making it noticeable as well as being a different and larger type of enemy.


Defeating the Primeval will put the match to an end and each member of the team will be able to reap the rewards for playing.

At the end of a match, players will be rewarded with Infamy points, Glimmer, and gear for their hard efforts during Gambit.

This makes it rewarding to play the game mode, especially when you focus on increasing your Infamy Points later on for better rewards.

Infamy Points

Infamy Points are gained when you play Gambit matches and will be earned at the end of the match whether you are victorious or have been defeated.

Winning matches will give you more Infamy Points but as a consolation prize, you still get them even if your team loses.

Those who are on winning streaks in Gambit matches get more Infamy Points based on how many matches they win which stacks up to 5 times.

Infamy Points determine your Infamy Rank which can, later on, be reset once you reach the max rank of Legend (15,000 Infamy Points).

Infamy Rank

Infamy Points

Guardian I

Guardian II


Guardian III

Brave I


Brave II

Brave III


Heroic I

Heroic II


Heroic III

Fabled I


Fabled II

Fabled III


Mythic I

Mythic II


Mythic III





Resetting your Infamy Rank will allow you to receive different rewards based on how many times you reset it.

Infamy Bounties

You can choose different Infamy Bounties to partake in from The Drifter, which provides more experience once you complete them.

Infamy Bounties require a small amount of Glimmer to purchase and will expire after 1 day and 3 hours after obtaining them.

Infamy Bounties can be taken to more seasonal experience and Infamy Points along with other rewards depending on the bounties chosen.


Overall, Gambit provides players with a whole new experience when it comes to Destiny 2 and is definitely worth the rewards.

Players can get achievements, rewards, and satisfaction when taking up this game type as a challenge and fun game mode.

The Gambit is also a great alternative to getting gear and Glimmer which comes in handy later on with different aspects of the game.

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