Sims 4: Alien Collections Guide (How to Get, Live & Dead Collectables)

Sims 4 Alien Collection

The Astronaut career holds many mysteries about it, and with more adventures comes more surprises. One of these surprises is the Alien Collections that your Sim can obtain.

If you are not pursuing an Astronaut career, there is no need to worry as you can still obtain Alien Collections.

You will mostly find yourself exploring space and collecting various objects as soon as you have a Rocket Ship available.

How to Get Alien Collections?

Alien Collections, also known as alien specimens or collectibles by other players, can be found when exploring using a Rocket Ship.

This mostly happens when Sim is pursuing the Astronaut career as they will often be working in space.

Most of the exploration you do with a Rocket Ship allows you to partake in text stories that give you a set of decisions to make to determine your Sim’s fate when in space.

It is mostly random, but the higher your Rocket Science skill is, the more likely you will get a good collectible.

In order to get Alien Collections, all your Sim needs to do is either go to work while under the Astronaut career or its other branches or simply explore space once a Rocket Ship has been purchased and built.

Live Alien Collections

Live Blue Slug (Rare)

Description: “A parasite that inhabits the brains of larger organisms and effectively plays puppet master. Ostensibly extremophilic.”

This creature resembles a slug species that is larger in size with a blue body and turquoise details. It has three eyes and can be observes attempting to reach up.

It can be sold for §240.

Live Pink Whale (Uncommon)

Description: “Vaguely reminiscent of our cetacean mammals, this “space whale” manipulates the fabric of time and space in navigating its environment.”

While it is considered a whale species, the creature appears to have six legs along with six eyes and a pink body. It seems to be more of a critter rather than a sea creature.

It can be sold for §168.

Live Red Coral (Uncommon)

Description: “Unlike its earthly counterparts, more than ninety percent of this coral-like structure is engaged in metabolic processes.”

This is a strange-looking coral piece with a red color with pink as a pattern across its body. It has about four eyes coming out of each stem which often blinks in curiosity.

Can be sold for §172.

Live Space Porcupine (Common)

Description: ” This “porcupine” exhibits shy, skittish behavior, expelling its “quills” to tranquilize would-be predators and making a hasty retreat thereafter.”

Appearing more like a sea urchin rather than a porcupine, this alien is black in color and has a single eye peering forward at its front.

Can be sold for §84.

Live Space Squid (Rare)

Description: “A gelatinous, docile organism that communicates via patterned pulses in its bioluminescent skin.”

Appearing as a simple squid which is pink and color with two eyes in front, this pink alien strangely sits up and stares out into the open.

Can Be Sold for §280.

Dead Alien Collections

Dead Blue Slug (Common)

Description: “Extracted from the body of its prior host, the specimen continues to move even after other life signs have long since faded.

Can Be Sold for §64.

Dead Pink Whale (Common)

Description: “This organism’s vital fluids contain traces of phosphorus, glowing for a short period of time when exposed to oxygen. The next “fossil” fuel?.

Can Be Sold for §64.

Dead Red Coral (Common)

Description: “Preliminary readings suggest that this “skeleton” emits a constant stream of short-wave transmissions–often involving what appear to be numerical tallies.

Can Be Sold for §64.

Dead Space Porcupine (Common)

Description: “Anatomical analysis reveals that this specimen has both reptilian and mammalian reproductive features–perfectly fit for erratic meteorological patterns.

Can Be Sold for §72.

Dead Space Squid (Uncommon)

Description: “With six appendages, partial transparency, and an unusually reflective outer membrane, this specimen likely evolved on a water-planet before arriving at the point of discovery.

Can Be Sold for §160.   

Collecting All Alien Collectables Reward

If you have collected all of the Alien Collectibles, you will be rewarded with a “Xenolife-Friend Wall-Mounted Reminder.”

This item serves as a reminder that you have obtained and done your best to preserve the different alien species you have encountered on space adventures.

You can hang this on the wall by dragging it out of your Sim’s inventory and placing it on a spot you prefer.


There is always something out there for your Sim to discover, and when it comes to space, Alien Samples are one of them.

As of now, there are five live and dead alien collections that your Sim can get their hands on, and it is rumored that if there are larger alien organisms present, they can restore dead ones.

For an Astronaut, having your alien species collection can be a big achievement and a nice display at your home.

It is possible to get several amounts of these collections, which will often happen more when your Rocket Science skill increases.

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