Destiny 2 Wayfinder’s Voyage 6 Quest Steps

Wayfinder's Voyage 6 Quest

The sixth lost Tacheun is somewhere out there and it is up to you to once again make the necessary preparations and find her.

As you progress further to closing in on your goals with Savathun, Crow begins to become uneasy and starts to becomes less patient.

During this part of the Wayfinder’s Voyage, things start to become more intense and you also begin to further upgrade your compass.

Quest Steps

Step 38: Head to Wayfinder’s Compass to be Briefed

As the sixth lost Techeun is to be found, you will need to be briefed first before you prepare to find her later on in the Shattered Realm.

Step 39: Complete an Astral Alignment

To find the whereabouts of the lost Techeun, you will first need to perform an Astral Alignment with other Guardians.

Step 40: Collect Parallax Trajectory

Collect the necessary amount of Parallax Trajectory which will prepare you for steps later when you upgrade your compass.

This can be done by participating in activities, mainly Crucible and Gambit as these are some of the fastest ways.

Parallax Trajectory may also be obtained by collecting Ascendant Shards or defeating enemies.

Step 41: Complete Debris of Dreams Shattered Realm

The sixth lost Techeun has been found and is being held in the Debris of Dreams Shattered Realms, which you must complete to rescue her.

Step 42: Unlock the Safe Passage: Astral Attunement Ability

Once the sixth lost Techeun has been rescued, you will need to unlock the Astral Attunement ability, which is unlocked once you return from the Debris of Dreams.

Step 43: Go To Savathuns Chamber To Accompany Crow

Crow can no longer hold in his feelings and is headed for Savathun, you will need to head over to the Chamber to witness the event.

Step 44: Speak to Savathun in Mara’s Chambers

Once Savathun and Crow have finished conversing, you will be next in line to speak to Savathun, who will explain her actions.

Savathun has revealed something to Crow which deeply upsets him and Savathun explains to you that someone had to tell him.

Step 45: Speak to Crow

After you have spoken with Savathun, you will need to head over to Crow and talk to him about his conversation with Savathun.

Crow is still angry about finding out about his past, as Savathun had revealed it to him and this weighs heavily on him.

Step 46: End of Week 6

Week 6 ends after you have spoken with Crow, who is still taking everything in after having what appears to be his memories of his former self restored.

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  • The Scorn is easily defeated if you take out their numbers first, finishing the ones with larger health last.
  • The boss in Debris of Dreams is similar to a Walker and you should focus on its weakness (legs) to disable it and deal more damage to an exposed weak spot.
  • Astral Attunement increases the duration of Safe Passage, which allows you to find even more secrets and provide you with better pathing in the Shattered Realm.
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