Destiny 2 Wayfinder’s Voyage 7 Quest Steps

Wayfinder's Voyage 7 Quest

The Wayfinder’s Voyage VII quest is the last one in the batch, which includes the last hunt for one more Techeun that is missing.

The preparations are coming to an end and soon its will be time to exorcise Savathun from her cacoon, only a little more is left to be done.

You will once again make the necessary preparations for finding and rescuing the last lost Techeun and the coven will be complete and ready to assist.

Quest Steps

Step 47: Visit Wayfinder’s Compass in H.E.L.M.

Begin by heading towards the Wayfinder’s Compass so that you can get briefed by Mara, who will bring you up to speed with what’s in store.

Step 48: Form an Astral Alignment with Blind Well

Another Astral Alignment will be needed to be completed so that you can find the last lost Techeun, start the mission from the Destinations, and opening The Dreaming City.

Step 49: Collect Parallax Trajectory

Participate in activities or collect Parallax Trajectory until you collect enough to proceed with the next step in the quest.

Step 50: Complete Shattered Realm

You will need to complete a Shattered Realm to proceed, which can be done by heading to Destinations, selecting H.E.L.M., and choosing it from there.

Step 51: Speak with Petra Venj at the Holographic Projector

Petra Venj will need to speak with you and can be spoken to by heading to the Holographic Projector, which is also the Wayfinder’s Compass.

It is here that she will inform you that the preparations for the exorcism are underway and explain the Techeun’s role in releasing Savathun.

Step 52: Speak to Savathun in Mara’s Chambers

Savathun will want to speak with you before the final preparations are made for the exorcism, head over to her location in Mara’s chambers and interact with her.

When speaking to you, Savathun will talk about how successful you have been in assisting with the preparations of her exorcism.

Step 53: Receive Mara’s Message from Wayfinder’s Compass

Head over to the Wayfinder’s Compass and you will receive a message which states that Mara Sov tells you that the time for the exorcism is close.

Mara Sov will tell you of her plans which will occur during the exorcism and what she intends to do to make sure that everything remains safe.

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  • The Wayfinder’s Voyage VII quest is the last of the batch and will mostly be preparing for upcoming events.
  • By the time all of the Techeuns are rescued, there should be a few upgrades left in the Wayfinder’s Compass which you can still upgrade.
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