Destiny 2 Wayfinder’s Voyage 5 Quest Steps

Wayfinder's Voyage 5 Quest

Completing the Wayfinder’s Voyage Quest will allow you to progress further down the storyline of the Season of the Lost.

Once again you will need to participate in the activities that were first introduced during Season 15 to further improve your Wayfinder’s Compass.

After completing the steps in Wayfinder’s Voyage, players will be able to begin moving towards the Week 6 set of tasks.

Quest Steps

Step 31: Visit Wayfinder’s Compass in H.E.L.M.

Week 5 starts of with you needing to head over to receive a briefing from Mara, as you are to search for another Techeun.

Step 32: Form an Astral Alignment with Blind Well

You will need to once again do an Astral Alignment, this can be started by selecting it from the Destinations tab in the Dreaming City.

Step 33: Collect Parallax Trajectory

To triangulate the location of the lost Techeuns, you will once again need to collect Parallax Trajectory.

You can obtain Parallax Trajectory by collecting the Ascendant Anchors scattered around or by participating in activities.

Step 34: Complete Forest of Echoes Shattered Realm

Another lost Techeun has to be tracked and is being held in the Shattered Realm, you will need to complete the mission to bring them back.

Step 35: Unlock Sight: Frequency Echoes

After successfully rescuing the Techeun, another ability called Sight: Frequency Echoes will be available for unlocking.

Head over to the Wayfinder’s Compass and unlock the ability to be used later on in upcoming Shattered Realm runs.

Step 36: Speak to Savathun in Mara’s Chambers

After unlocking your new Wayfinder’s Compass ability, head over to Savathun, who will be in Mara’s Chambers as usual.

Speak with Savathun to reveal more of the story and more lore, as well as secrets, will be revealed to you by her.

Step 37: End of Week 5

The 37th quest step marks the end of Week 5 and continuing to the next part will bring you to the Week 6 tasks for Season 15.

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  • The Forest of Echoes gets easier every time you play it, sometimes you may find newer things that will be useful later on.
  • Unlocking the Frequency Echoes ability will allow your Compass to reveal hidden caches of Awoken knowledge when you are in the Shattered Realm.
  • Participating in activities is a fast way to collect Parallax Trajectory, be sure not to use it up by accident though.
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