Destiny 2: Wayfinder’s Compass (Calibration, Upgrades & Bounties)

Destiny 2 Wayfinder's Compass Upgrades

Season 15 has brought upon a new story and to find your way through the Season of the Lost’s events, you will need the Wayfinder’s Compass.

The Wayfinder’s Compass is a tool that was designed by the Awoken, which was meant to set the user on their correct path.

With the help of the Wayfinder’s Compass, not only will players find the right path, but they will also unlock abilities that will help them navigate through the Shattered Realms.

Wayfinder’s Compass Calibration

The Wayfinder’s Compass will increase as you continuously complete seasonal challenges, ranking up what is called the Compass Calibration.

By ranking up the Compass Calibration, you will be able to earn seasonal gear and unlock new upgrades which can be purchased at the Wayfinder’s Compass in the H.E.L.M.

At the end of Season 15, the rank progress that you have gained will be reset following the next season that will be active.

Upgrading Wayfinder’s Compass

There are 3 classifications when it comes to the different upgrades that may be purchased for the Wayfinder’s Compass.

These classifications are known as Wayfinding, Envisioning, and Harmonizing, which mainly help with the Shattered Realms and Astral Alignments.


  • Barrier Breach – Allows you to pass through barriers.
  • Astral Efficiency – Reduces the cost of repeatable bounties.
  • Astral Abundance – Use Less Parallax Trajectory to open Astral Alignment Trove.
  • Astral Harvester – Increase Parallax Trajectory gained from playlist activities.
  • Opportune Arms – Causes Champions defeated in Shattered Realm to drop heavy ammo.
  • Phase Breach – Grants temporary invisibility when breaching barriers.
  • Enhanced Breach – Barrier effects have increased duration.


  • True Sight – Lanterns will now show hidden passages.
  • Parallax Focusing – Chance for more Parallax Trajectory from Ascendant Anchors.
  • Sight Beyond Sight – True Sight distance and duration increased.
  • Vision of Splendor – Increased chance of Guardians and bosses to drop Parallax Trajectory.
  • Ascendant Sight – Additional Ascendant Anchors will appear in the Shattered Realm.
  • Unveiled Eyes – Nearby Ascendant Anchors will be highlighted by True Sight.
  • Frequency Echoes – Compass now reveals hidden caches in the Shattered Realm.


  • Safe Passage – No longer hindered by Fields of Strife, but you may now attract the attention of Xivu Arath’s forces.
  • Overcharged – Chance for additional gear from the bonus chest in Astral Alignment.
  • The Way Forward – 10% chance to not consume Parallax Trajectory when opening bonus chest in Astral Alignment.
  • Trailblazer – Seasonal currency wards from weekly Shattered Realms chests are increased.
  • Unburdened – Gain overshield and health regeneration after disabling a Field of Strife.
  • Astral Focusing – Each first Techeun that you rescue each week drops an additional Tier 3 Focused Umbral Engram.
  • Astral Attunement – Safe Passage duration increased.

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Season of the Lost Bounties

Players may take up bounties that are accessible from the Wayfinder’s Compass in the H.E.L.M. by interacting with it.

These bounties can be purchased with Glimmer and may be completed during certain missions with specific objectives.

Getting more bounties and finishing them will allow players to progress faster with their Seasonal Level (not to be mistaken with Compass Calibration) to get rewards faster.


  • It is best to stick with the main story of Season of the Lost to quickly gain access to more upgrades and later on, better gear.
  • Completing the Seasonal Challenges will allow you to progress with your Compass Calibration, your Season of the Lost rank, allowing you to get more rewards and upgrades.
  • When focusing on Astral Alignment and Shattered Realms, it’s a good idea to stop by the H.E.L.M. to grab bounties for more rewards.
  • Be sure to check the Wayfinder’s Compass for mods as they may be useful for some of your current gear and builds.


Just like with some of the previous seasons, there will always be some kind of progression that players will need to go through.

With the Wayfinder’s Compass, it is necessary to participate in activities to get the most out of the season and to farm Parallax Trajectory and other goodies.

You should focus on the Seasonal Challenges so that you can continue unhindered with Season of the Lost and frequently use your Parallax Trajectory for upgrades or the Prismatic Recaster.

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