Destiny 2: Season of the Lost Artifact (How To Get & Level Up The Wayfinder’s Compass, Mods)

Season of the Lost Artifact

The Season of the Lost introduced a new Artifact, the Wayfinder’s Compass, which is the key to leading you to the right path.

As you continue to partake in events and quests during the Season of the Lost, you will be able to pick out upgrades on your Wayfinder’s Compass.

Season 15 progression involves going through with the storyline of Season 15 and also completing activities during the season.

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The Wayfinder’s Compass

The Wayfinder’s Compass is known to lead those who hold it to certain things that they are not intentionally drawn to.

For the player, it seems that the Wayfinder’s Compass is meant to lead them to a certain goal that will keep unfolding as they progress through the story of Season 15.

Once the Wayfinder’s Compass has been obtained by one of your characters, the others will not be required to get it as it is shared.

How To Get The Wayfinder’s Compass?

The Wayfinder’s Compass is obtained during the Mission Cocoon and is obtained at the ends, unlocking the Wayfinder’s Compass.

To participate in the Season of the 15 story, players may be required to purchase the Season of the Lost season pass to unlock the artifact and more.

How To Level Up Wayfinder’s Compass?

The Wayfinder’s Compass may be leveled up when your character progresses throughout the season, which includes killing enemies, doing activities, or going along with the story.

There are certain seasonal challenges (for those with the season pass) that will allow players to earn more levels with the Wayfinder’s Compass.

Season Of The Lost Artifact Mods

You will be able to spend points to unlock certain mods with the Wayfinder’s Compass, which later on benefit your gear.

Each point will allow you to make a mod active, allowing you to install it in one of your gear, these provide bonuses to your character.

The following are the tiers and mods of the Season of the Lost artifact.

Tier 1

  • Anti-Barrier Auto Rifle (Arms) – Auto Rifles fire shield-piercing rounds and will stun Barrier Champions. (Deals bonus damage to Barrier Champions)
  • Overload Bow (Arms) – Fully Drawn arrows disrupt combatants, which stun them and delay energy regeneration as well as reduce damage output. (Strong vs Overload Champions)
  • Unstoppable Pulse Rifle (Arms) – Aiming down the sights of Pulse Rifle loads a high-impact burst that stuns unshielded combatants. (Strong against Unstoppable Champions)
  • Unstoppable Sidearm (Arms) – Aiming down the sights with a sidearm will load it with a powerful explosive payload that stuns unshielded combatants. (Strong vs Unstoppable Champions)
  • Disrupting Blade (Arms) – Consecutive hits with a sword will disrupt combatants, stunning them, delaying ability energy regeneration, and lowering their damage output. (Strong vs Overload Champions)

Tier 2

  • Hands-On (Helmet) – Melee kills grant bonus Super Energy
  • Shotgun Dexterity (Arms) – Faster ready and stow speed for Shotguns
  • Sword Scavenger (Leg) – Swords grant larger bonus reserves when ammo is picked up
  • Fusion Rifle Loader (Arms) – Fusion Rifle reload speed increased
  • Linear Fusion Rifle Targeting (Helmet) – Improved target acquisition, accuracy, and ADS speed for Linear Fusion Rifles.

Tier 3

  • Auto Rifle Loader (Arms) – Auto Rifle reload speed increased
  • Shotgun Ammo Finder (Helmet) – When Shotgun is equipped, chances of finding ammo for it is increased
  • Passive Guard (Class) – Damage from combatants close to you is reduced when wielding a Sword
  • Fusion Scavenger (Leg) – Fusion Rifles/Linear Fusion Rifles will get bonus reserves when picking up their ammo type
  • Sidearm Dexterity (Arms) – Faster ready and stow speed for Sidearms

Tier 4

  • Unstoppable Fusion Rifles (Arms) – Aiming down Fusion Rifle/Linear Fusion Rifle sights loads a high-impact burst that stuns unshielded combatants (Strong vs Unstoppable Champions)
  • Withering Heat (Class) – Unlocks the Withering Heat mods
  • Resonance Siphon (Class Item) – Gain Stasis ability energy when you or a member of your fireteam stuns a Champion
  • Thermoclastic Strike (Class Item) – Solar and Stasis melee disrupts combatants, stunning them, delaying ability regeneration, and lowering their damage output
  • Fire And Ice (Elemental Well Mod) – Defeating a champion spawns a random array of Solar and Stasis wells

Tier 5

  • Well of Potency (Elemental Well Mod) – Picking up a matching elemental well grants Super Energy
  • Pyretic Embrace (Class) – Casting a Solar Super restores you to full health and shields
  • Thermoclastic Blooming (Arms) – Defeating a combatant with Solar or Stasis melee creates an orb of power
  • Focusing Lens (Class) – Light abilities do bonus damage to combatants affected by Stasis
  • Particle Deconstruction (Class Item) – Dealing damage with a Fusion Rifle/Linear Fusion Rifle grants bonus damage against combatants for a short duration (stacks 5 times) 


Players can take advantage of the bonuses that are provided by the mods that can be selected with the Wayfinder’s Compass.

While there are a bunch of mods to pick out, a lot of focus is seen to be put on the Fusion Rifle and Linear Fusion Rifle for extreme damage.

Focusing on playing through the game rather than trying to level up will allow you to progress better as you can complete a lot while progressing through the story and having fun.

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