Destiny 2: Light Reforged Quest Steps

Destiny 2 Light Reforged Quest

The Light Reforged quest is one of the specific quests that Shaxx gives you, making you go face to face with other Guardians as a form of training.

In a series of quest steps, you will be required to join different Crucible activities and will also need to collect Crucible Rank Points.

After performing each step, another will be given to you, which eventually allows you to try out the different types of Crucible activities.

Quest Steps

Step 1: Complete Control Matches and Bounties Acquired from Lord Shaxx

Your first tasks in the Light Reforged quest are to do 2 Control matches and complete 1 bounty which must be obtained from Lord Shax. (Crucible bounty)

Step 2: Complete Rumble Matches and Earn Crucible Rank Points

The next quest steps require you to complete 2 Rumble matches and obtain up to 125 Crucible Rank Points.

You can do any kind of Crucible match when it comes to collecting the Crucible Rank Points as long as you reach 125. (Does not have to be in a single run)

Step 3: Complete Elimination Matches and Earn Crucible Rank Points

Similar to the other Crucible-related matches, you will need to do 2 Elimination matches, which are also part of the same group of missions.

The number of Crucible Rank Points you will need is increased to 250 and will not count the previous points that you have collected.

Step 4: Complete Matches in Glory Rank Playlist and Earn Crucible Rank Points

To complete this quest step, you will need to join in whichever Glory match is available, and you will have to participate at least two times.

The amount of Crucible Rank Points once again has been increased, this time you will need to collect 500 Crucible Rank Points.

Step 5: Complete Matches in Glory Rank Playlist and Earn Crucible Rank Points

After completing the previous steps, the Light Reforged quest is almost finished, and now you will need to head back to Lord Shaxx.

Speaking with Lord Shaxx will complete the quest, and you will be rewarded with XP and a legendary piece of equipment.


  • The Light Reforged quest will pit you against other players, which can include both new and experienced players.
  • To complete the quest steps, you do not have to win or get the highest score in the Crucible matches, you simply need to participate in them.
  • If you are more comfortable with another Crucible match type, you can collect points in that mission when meeting the quota for Crucible Rank Points.


After you have completed the quest, it will have served as an introduction to the PVP aspect in Destiny 2 but there is a long way to go when it comes to ranking up and getting rewards.

You will be rewarded with XP and a legendary piece of gear, which is different when it comes to each character.

Players will often participate in Crucible matches for rewards, triumphs, challenges or simply to have fun with a little player vs player action.

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