Destiny 2 All Ascendant Anchors Map With Locations

Destiny 2 All Ascendant Anchor Locations

The Season of the Lost (Season 15) has brought a lot of new challenges for players to do while also pursuing the Seasonal Quest.

One of these challenges, which are also required to proceed with the Seasonal Quest, is to find Ascendant Anchors and collect them.

Not only do the Ascendant Anchors provide you with Parallax Trajectory, Triumphs, and more, they are also important with the Season of the Lost story.

To experience Season of the Lost and most of its features, players will have to purchase the season pass or a lot may be missed.

Where to Find Ascendant Anchors?

Ascendant Anchors are scattered amongst certain areas on different planets, making it important to seek them out when you can.

To collect Ascendant Anchors, you will need to find each one, which spawns in a fixed location, and collect it by interacting with it.

Once one of your characters has collected an Ascendant Anchor, it will also be collected for your other ones so you do not have to repeat them.

Ascendant Anchors Rewards

When you collect an Ascendant Anchor, you will be rewarded with 30 Parallax Trajectory (for each one) which is needed later on for purchasing upgrades and using in the Prismatic Recaster.

You will also need to obtain a certain number of Ascendant Anchors in locations both on planets as well as in the Shattered Realm.

All Ascendant Anchor Locations

Below is a list of all the Ascendant Anchor locations that can be found during Season of the Lost in Destiny 2.

You may find Ascendant Anchors in the following locations as listed below:

All EDZ Ascendant Anchor (European Dead Zone)


Sunken Isles


The Gulch

The Sludge


Winding Cove


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All Tangled Shore Ascendant Anchors

Thieves’ Landing

Soriks’s Cut


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All Moon Ascendant Anchors


Sorrow’s Harbor


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  • The Ascendant Anchors have a purplish color and beams which are lit up vertically, making them quite easy to spot during different times of the day.
  • You will need to hold your interaction with the Ascendant Anchor to fully collect it or else it will not be taken.
  • It is best to get to higher locations or jump and take a look around to find the Ascendant Anchors as some are well hidden.
  • Collecting some of the Ascendant Anchors in advance will allow you to continue later on without having to go back for them.


Aside from being a requirement for some triumphs, seasonal challenges, and more, the Ascendant Anchors are a great easy way to get Parallax Trajectory.

You may have already obtained some of the Ascendant Anchors and might be wondering if they will appear in the same area again, they don’t.

Each area has its own set of Ascendant Anchors, these will be found in the same location for all players and their characters.

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