Destiny 2 EDZ Trostland Ascendant Anchors Map With Locations

Destiny 2 EDZ Trostland Ascendant Anchor Locations

Trostland is pretty much the first place that players will go to when they start in Season of the Lost since it is part of the Seasonal Quest.

The moment you spawn in the area, you can already pick up an Ascendant Anchor, so it isn’t that hard to find them.

You can ride around the church in Trostland (don’t forget to check inside) and you will pretty much find all of the Ascendant Anchors.

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1) Trostland Spawn Area

The moment you fast travel to Trostland in the EDZ, you will already find one of the Ascendant Anchors, which will be next to a bunch of equipment.

This makes it the best place to start picking up Ascendant Anchors as you can do a full circuit around the church and collect the rest of them.

Watch out for enemies that spawn nearby as Trostland is known to have a bunch of enemies from time to time.

2) Amsel Destroyed Building

A destroyed building on the left side of the church with the name “Amsel” will have an Ascendant Anchor inside of it.

You can see it from a distance and easily reach it by simply jumping into the building and interacting with it, there may be enemies nearby though.

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3) Inside Church

If you have been to Trostland before, you may be familiar with the church where name is usually sniping enemies.

You can find one of the Ascendant Anchors lying on top of some crates and may pick it up easily once you aim at it.

4) Schnel Building

To the right of the church is a damaged building without a roof, which is where another Ascendant Anchor can be found, easily spotted from the side.

If you go around, the building is labeled as Schnel above a doorway which also leads to the Ascendant Anchor if you can’t reach it by jumping.

5) Destroyed Building Behind Church

To the rear right side of the church, there is a building with a destroyed corner, which is the location of a slightly hidden Ascendant Anchor.

From the right path, you won’t notice it since it is inside the building but once you peek through the damaged part you will see the Ascendant Anchor.

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