Destiny 2 EDZ Winding Cove Ascendant Anchors Map With Locations

Destiny 2 EDZ Winding Cove Ascendant Anchor Locations

The Winding Cove may have some of the trickier to spot Ascendant Anchors but this doesn’t mean you can see them as you pass through the area.

There are a total of 4 Ascendant Anchors located throughout Winding Cove, one of them is close to the Fast Travel Point to make things easier.

This area is quite small but it does have a cliff that may need to be climbed to see or reach some of the other Ascendant Anchors.

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1) Above Road From Outskirts

When coming from The Outskirts, there will be a narrow dirt road and a small cliff at the top where you can see the beam from the Ascendant Anchor.

You can easily walk up to this area and collect the Ascendant Anchor without the need to do any special jump maneuvers.

2) Under Crashed Ship

If you follow along the right side when traveling through Winding Cove, you will come across a ship that is stuck in a cliff.

Nearby under the ship, there is an Ascendant Anchor, which you will be able to see from afar when you approach the side of the area.

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3) Between Firebase Hades and Winding Cove

The path leading from Winding Cove to Firebase Hades or vice versa will have a nearby Ascendant Anchor, which can be spotted if you look at the top of the cliff.

You can find a way around it to make it easier to jump to the spot as it is a cliff and not easily accessible to players.

4) On Rock Above The Weep Lost Sector

Head to the north of the Fast Travel Point where The Weep Lost Sector is located and you will notice the Ascendant Anchor above it.

Climb up to the rock and on the way, you will see the Ascendant Anchor easily, even if you just making your way to the location.

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