Destiny 2 EDZ The Gulch Ascendant Anchors Map With Locations

Destiny 2 EDZ The Gulch Ascendant Anchor Locations

The Gulch is another area in the EDZ that has Ascendant Anchors in it, most of them easily found by moving around the area from the sides.

There is a total of 5 Ascendant Anchors spread throughout The Gulch which are mostly located at high points in the area.

Beware of the enemies in the area as they can tend to be quite aggressive, even from afar, which can be a nuisance while you search.

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1) Near Fast Travel Point

The first Ascendant Anchor that you will find is visible once you fast travel to The Gulch, just behind a large rock and you will be able to see its beam.

This is one of the easiest to find and you can’t miss it as you will already be facing near its direction when you fast travel.

2) Near Broken Bridge

There is a small path from the Fast Travel Point which leads down to a road and the right will be a broken bridge.

Once you reach the broken bridge, you will be able to spot the location of the Ascendant Anchor nearby past a destroyed truck.

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3) Above Cave Near The Broken Bridge

If you remember the Ascendant Anchor from the broken bridge, you can look across the gap and already see this one.

Another way to get to it is to cross the bridge and take the first turn to the right and you will find the cave and an Ascendant Anchor above it.

4) North Near Large Tunnel

To the north, there is a large tunnel and if you head to the right side and look up above, you will see an Ascendant Anchor at the side of a cliff.

You can easily get to this by climbing or jumping from the side and from this area you might even see the next Ascendant Anchor.

5) Next To Building On Cliff

If you take the road from The Sludge to The Gulch, there will be a building on top of a cliff, and next to it will be the Ascendant Anchor.

You will notice this from afar even if you come to form the other sign and may take note of the signs on the road as a reminder that you are near.

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