Destiny 2 EDZ The Sludge Ascendant Anchors Map With Locations

EDZ The Sludge Ascendant Anchor Locations

The Ascendant Anchors in The Sludge are needed to complete certain objectives and will reward players with Parallax Trajectory when collected.

There are 4 Ascendant Anchors located within The Sludge, two at each entrance while the others are hidden within a few areas.

Watch out for both the Fallen and the Cabal who are often fighting as they can be quite an interference when searching for the Ascendant Anchors.

To know the EDZ other Ascendant Anchors map with locations check out the below links:

1) Near Entrance To The Sludge

When heading to The Sludge from The Outskirts, it is impossible to not notice the Ascendant Anchor which will be located on the left side.

It will be located on top of a rock and is easily found even if you are riding on a vehicle or running into the area.

2) Behind Container South of Cavern Of Souls

The Cavern of Souls Lost Sector is near one of the Ascendant Anchors in The Sludge, specifically behind a container.

You can spot the Ascendant Anchor from a distance and can notice it being near an old structure near some rails.

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3) Path From The Sludge To The Gulch

The path heading from The Sludge to The Gulch or vice versa has an easy-to-spot Ascendant Anchor, which is near the bottom of a cliff.

You can easily spot it (not in the picture, already picked up) when driving between the cliff and from where the player is standing in the image above.

4) Cavern Leading To The Dark Forest

When you fast travel to The Sludge, there will be a small path leading to a small set of falls which leads to a cavern.

You will notice the Ascendant Anchor near the small falls which lead to the cavern and can pick it up without needing to go further.

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