Destiny 2 EDZ Sunken Isles Ascendant Anchors Map With Locations

Destiny 2 EDZ Sunken Isles Ascendant Anchor Locations

A lot of Ascendant Anchors may be found in the EDZ, and just like the other areas, Sunken Isles has its fair share of them.

You can find up to 5 Ascendant Anchors scattered around the Sunken Isles, but most of these are easy to come when you start from the Fast Travel Point.

You can obtain 2 Ascendant Anchors when you continue towards the right and 3 on the left when beginning from the Fast Travel Point.

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1) Small Land Surrounded By Water

Starting from the right side, heading down from the Fast Travel Point, you can make your way towards the lake.

A small patch of land with a rock and trees will have one of the Ascendant Anchors, which is easily spotted since there is almost nothing else in the area.

2) Behind Tree and Crate Near Cabal Ship

Heading past the small land surrounded by water which had the first Ascendant Anchor will lead you towards another Ascendant Anchor.

This will be behind a tree that is next to a crate which is also on a small patch of land surrounded by water near a Cabal ship.

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3) Cliffside Near Tunnel

If you start from the left, you can already see one of the Ascendant Anchors which is at the bottom of a cliff near some tracks.

Following these tracks will lead you to more Ascendant Anchors after you have picked up this one, allowing you to get 2 more ahead.

4) On Hills Next To Tracks

Follow the tracks on the left from the Fast Travel Point and you will notice another Ascendant Anchor at the side of a hill.

It is pretty much impossible to not see the Ascendant Anchor as you will notice it if you are either walking or riding a vehicle.

5) Small Lake Near Cabal Structure

One of the furthest and more hidden Ascendant Anchors is located in a small lake near one of the Cabal structures.

To locate this Ascendant Anchor, simply follow the tracks from the left until the very end, going straight until you see the water and eventually the purple light from the anchor.

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