Destiny 2 Moon Sorrow’s Harbor Ascendant Anchors Map With Locations

Destiny 2 Moon Sorrow's Harbor Ascendant Anchor Locations

Another area on the Moon which has Ascendant Anchors is Sorrow’s Harbor which has more than you can find in Sanctuary.

This area is a bit more dangerous as there are tons of enemies around, unlike in Sanctuary which is a safe zone.

Roaming around the outer part of Sorrow’s Harbor is a great way to come across each of the Ascendant Anchors and staying on high ground will help spot them.

1) Right Side from Spawn Point

There are 2 easily spotted Ascendant Anchors that you may find from the Fast Travel Point, one heading to the right while the other is on the left.

Taking to the right will bring you across one near an enemy spawning zone, which is part of the event which often occurs in Sorrow’s Harbor.

You can easily spot the Ascendant Anchor from a distance to the very side of the spawning zone.

2) Near Bridge To The Right

If you continue to travel towards the right, you will come across another Ascendant Anchor which is near a bridge.

This can easily be found as long as you stay on the outer part of the area, it will also make it safer for you as you search for the Ascendant Anchors.

3) Near Right of Altar of Sorrows

Near the Altar of Sorrows is another Ascendant Anchor, this can be reached by continuing past the previously mentioned Ascendant Anchor.

You will find it glowing from afar and can reach it by moving around the side of a large rock, but you should watch out for nearby enemies.

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4) Near The Keep

Make your way past the Altar of Sorrows and you will find that there is another Ascendant Anchor at the side of the Keep.

Head for it and watch out for the enemies that are guarding the area, the Ascendant Anchor will be in plain sight and easy to grab.

5) Outer Area of Keep

Head towards the Keep and you will notice that there is an Ascendant Anchor in the outer area near one of the ledges.

There will be enemies guarding the area, be sure to watch out to avoid getting swarmed or being blasted off of the ledge.

6) Left Side of Outer Keep

If you continue making your way from the previously mentioned Ascendant Anchor, stick to the right side and you will come across another one.

Starting from the left side of the Fast Travel Area will allow you to find this after the first Ascendant Anchor from the left path.

7) Left Side of Spawn Point

To the left of the Fast Travel Point, you will see one of the Ascendant Anchors is near the edge and can easily get to it.

Following this Ascendant Anchor going around the area will take you to the other ones in the area as they go around in a circuit.

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