Destiny 2 Moon Sanctuary Ascendant Anchors Map With Locations

Destiny 2 Moon Sanctuary Ascendant Anchor Locations

The third week of Season of the Lost introduced yet another set of Ascendant Anchors in Destiny 2, this time they can be found on the Moon.

Players can easily spot most of the Ascendant Anchors from afar thanks to the open areas in both of the locations that have them.

You will need to collect these to get Parallax Trajectory and to complete challenges but this is easily done as they have a glowing purplish beam shooting up vertically.

There are a total of 12 Ascendant Anchors on the Moon, 5 located in Sanctuary and 7 located in Sorrow’s Harbor.

1) Left of the Spawn Point

You can immediately find the first two of the Ascendant Anchors in Sanctuary simply by looking to your left, one near the spawn point.

Simply jump down from where you spawned and the Ascendant Anchor will be in plain sight for you to grab.

2) Behind Destroyed Structure Near Spawn Point

From the Previous Ascendant Anchor, you can see this from afar and it is located near one of the still-standing yet broken structures.

The purple beam from the Ascendant Anchor can be seen from afar and you will need to head behind the structure to get it.

3) Near Destroyed Panel

From the Fast Travel Point, there will be a bunch of leftover panels, which can be distinguished by their yellow color.

You can find that one of the Ascendant Anchors can be located at the very end of a group of panels near a cliff which you can reach easily by walking.

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4) Path Heading To Archer’s Line

There is an Ascendant Shard located near the edge of a path that heads to Archer’s Line, this can easily be seen if you are walking or riding a vehicle.

From Sanctuary going to Archer’s Line, you will notice the purplish glow and beam from the Ascendant Shard easily and do not need much effort to reach it.

5) Path Heading To Anchor of Light

Heading towards the left of Sanctuary will bring you to a passage that leads to Anchor of Light, where you can find a nearby Ascendant Anchor.

The Ascendant Anchor is near the entrance of the path just on top of a bunch of rocks, which you can reach by jumping.

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